Rachel Andrews Business Card
The final verdict...Yes! It's a keeper.

For those of you who are new to my work, let me introduce myself with a story of what I did today. I ordered business cards. That may not seem like such a big task, but over the many years that I have been doing psychic work, the task of defining myself with a job title has been almost too much to bear. This is one of those little overwhelming situations that we all find ourselves putting off for some reason or another, but before I get too lost in telling you why this has been so hard for me, let me relate why it worked this time.

I have recently been seeing clients in Poughkeepsie, NY, which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from my house. A client and friend of mine has an office there, and through his referrals, I have been seeing quite a few new clients. In conjunction with the new clients, I also have a new website, the one you are visiting right now. With both of those things in mind, I knew this was the time to get over my discomfort and get myself some business cards.

In declaring today the day, I did what I normally do when I have an uncomfortable task ahead of me, I cleaned the house. This gets my mind in order, and straightens out the energy in my space. I also took a shower. This relaxes me and, like with the house cleaning, centers, balances and cleanses my energy. With no more excuses, I sat down on the newly vacuumed carpet and decided to check in.

I aligned with my favorite group energies: the legions of light and the angelic realm, I aligned with the akashic records, and I also aligned with my higher self. I wanted to cover my bases and get this right so I don’t have to repeat the process next week.

I asked them what I do and more importantly, what words can be used to describe my work? This is what I heard, “you are a psychic healer, a being of light, a way shower,” and a few more like that. I asked about the term Life Coach, since I want to guide people through the process of developing their six-sensory lives, and they rolled their eyes a bit…not really, they just confirmed that the term was of a lower vibration than what I had to offer. When I was in the shower I got this great idea to use the term spiritual guidance counselor, but for the life of me I could not remember the word spiritual! I sat there trying to remember the great idea I had, but to no avail, it just wasn’t coming. I settled on Psychic Guidance Counselor, and they approved.

Why did I go to such trouble to make sure I was in alignment with the job title I am committing to put on my business cards? Because words matter. Each word you utter, and especially each word you use to define yourself in any capacity carries a vibration that can either enhance your connection to your ultimate goal of living authentically, or it can send you in the opposite direction. I definitely want to make sure that what I define myself as professionally matches with who I am and the multiple avenues in which I offer my services.

I am not just a psychic and my sessions are more like seeing a therapist than a standard psychic reading. Letting my clients know that with a few words can be difficult, so again, words matter.

I felt pretty good after my little meditation, but once I got onto the website to order them, another issue came up. I had to decide what they will look like. “Ugh, too many choices,” was my initial reaction. I looked at some backgrounds they offer, meh…nothing really made me smile. Then I tried a photograph I had taken as the card’s background instead, but the same thing resulted. I knew that settling for anything less than a feeling of instant joy would make me want new cards in a week. After a moment of thoughtlessness, I looked down.

The colors of my clothing said it all. I am wearing a deep blue tank top and a gray zip-up sweatshirt, and those are my colors of healing and spirit. I am a psychic healer.

As it turns out, I didn’t remember the words “spiritual guidance counselor” until later that evening when I was filling in my boyfriend on my day. I was disappointed only for a moment but he picked up on it and asked me if I wanted to order new cards. I told him that this was for the best. It conveys exactly what I do and who I am. As you can see by the picture, I did elaborate a bit underneath the title.

I hope that in sharing this process with you, it will be easier to understand who I am and how I work. I also hope that it inspires you to define yourself with care. You’re probably more than you know.

Lots of Love,