Camp Path
Photo by Rachel Andrews

Here are some common reasons why people decide not to see a coach:

It’s too expensive.  If you think about your priorities for a moment, and what you already spend your money on, you probably notice at least a few items that support the life you want to leave.  Are you making impulse purchases as a form of therapy when you have a bad day?  Do you spend a lot of money on make-up and clothing as a form of buying self-esteem?  Do you have a large cable bill so you can watch movies instead of dealing with your life?  It can be scary to rearrange your financial life so you can afford what will transform your life into something fulfilling and empowering, but more than likely, the money is hiding somewhere.  You get to choose what you spend your money on.  Do you want to spend it on the life that you aren’t happy with or the life waiting for you that is filled with magic and excitement?

I don’t need a coach.  No one needs anything outside of themselves to find happiness and truth, but having an objective teacher does help.  I have personally experienced how much a coach can help because I’ve had the good fortune to work with one for many years.  I know that I am capable of accomplishing the transformation without her, but it would have taken me much, much longer to do it on my own.  She provided an anchor point for me to hold to while I dragged myself out of my small life and into the large, fulfilling life I have today.  This is because she regarded me as my best self from the beginning.  She was able to see what I was capable of and taught me the skills to live that better life.  She helped immensely, just as I can help you.

I don’t have the time.  Many people are working multiple jobs and raising families.   Even if that is not the case for you, time may feel like a precious commodity that is all used up.  Life is fast moving right now for everyone, but again, do you want to keep feeling like you have no time?  Or do you want to design and live your greatest life?  Everything is a choice.  You can choose to devote all of your time to uphold a life that you are not happy with, or you can move some things around and start carving out time for yourself.  When you make time to empower yourself, this in itself sends a message.  It starts to get the ball rolling on your new life.  You will begin to feel the effects immediately.

It’s selfish of me to spend time and money on myself.  That statement is a tiny, sad puppy dog.  It’s also very untrue.  Essentially, what is selfish is spending your time and money upholding a mediocre life or a less than amazing version of yourself.  When you shine as your best self on those around you, you give them a gift.  We have all experienced this.  We have seen people who are full of light and happiness.  It’s contagious!  We feel better when we are near them and are inspired to feel the same way they do.  That is the best gift you can give your family and friends, to be your awesome, amazing self who shines rainbows all over them.  It is the opposite of selfish to choose to better your life.  It is also the opposite of selfish to be happy.

You can probably see a theme emerging by now.  It’s about choice.  You can decide to uphold your current life, which you feel is lacking in some way, or you can put energy into the life you want.  It’s really that simple. Think about it like hitting a golf club or shooting a basketball, you look where you want the ball to go!  You don’t look down at your feet and expect the ball to go where it should.  You look at the target.  This naturally aligns your body for success.  It starts a process that is involuntary, and with practice, it becomes accurate.  Your life is much the same.  You align, practice and reap the rewards of your efforts.