My shadow at the beach on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Photo by Rachel Andrews


If you are new to connecting to your higher self, spirit guides or the spirit world in general, doing so in bed before you fall asleep and before you get up in the morning is the perfect time to practice. Your mind is at rest enough to let this new communication happen, and your body is relaxed enough to let the lighter energy flow through it. Most people have busy days, where the distraction of life can block intuitive communication.

When I was young, I used to sleep over my friend’s house quite often. We were probably around 8 years old. Normally her, her sister and I would sleep on the floor of her bedroom. After we had laid down, but before falling asleep, three angels would float down from the ceiling and kiss us all on the forehead. It happened every time!

I never told anyone about it, so I am unsure as to whether or not they knew. I had a feeling they didn’t though. This time of night was the only time I saw beings. I only felt their presence during the day.

Even as a teenager, when my psychic senses really blossomed, I would stay up all night and write down all the information that was coming through. This is a typical scenario for anyone becoming more attune to this energy. If you feel nudged to get a pen and notebook at night, I highly recommend following through. You never know what will come out! If I feel like this is going to happen, I just put a pen and notebook right next to my bed. That way I don’t have to get up to write down the info. Plus, it’s easier to write down dreams if this is already set up.

Also, if you are new to this, it is normal to wake up around 3am. More than likely, you will sit up and be wide awake, but then fall asleep again in a few minutes. It’s a strange feeling. I would, again, recommend trying to write at this time. You never know what you will learn. It may seem like a pain to be woken up by things you can’t (or maybe can!) see, but it would only be happening because some part of you is wanting to connect.

The only trouble appears if you are attracting negative things, but if that is the case, you will feel it. Assert yourself in telling whatever it is to leave you alone. That is normally enough to get rid of them.

I hope your connection is smooth sailing and the amount of wake-ups is kept to a minimum. If not, see it as a fun ride. This is an amazing part of the journey!