Beautiful clouds on Prince Edward Island. Photo by Rachel Andrews

When I get stuck in a serious mood, I look up. The sky and all it contains is usually enough to remind me that my life is precious, ever changing and full of new opportunities at every moment. Why? Because what we see is space. The solid contents of the sky, like the birds that are flying through, planes in transit, and the clouds, are in motion. They are like our moments, they are moving, and it seems like they glide effortlessly from our perspective down on the ground. There is something so soothing about seeing one scene move across a vast open plane, and then have another one pop up right before our eyes.

The circumstances of our lives are the same way. We may want to hold on to a person, a job, or a mood, but we know that they will all pass with time. If we appreciate them in the moment for what they are, we can be in a better position to welcome the new, when it inevitably comes into view.

I am often asked by my clients why things are changing so rapidly in their lives. This period of time we are in is so filled with change, and that often resembles destruction. The reason things are breaking down is because they are not truly aligned to your highest good. Any relationships, jobs, or other circumstances that are not affirming you, will ultimately fall away from your life. This can happen on purpose, but it mostly happens with out our directly knowing why.

It is helpful to understand that if you are on the path of developing your connection with your spirit self, your outer life will align to help you. This can be hard if you don’t understand that it will benefit you in the long run. And not all of the changes in your life will be felt so harshly. Many amazing things will happen to you, too.

This is why I look up. To be reminded that everything changes, everything is always in motion, and that in my serious moods, there is always room for thankfulness that the sky is an ever-renewing picture. My mood will change, and I will be overtaken by joy in the next moment. Keep your eyes on the big picture when life feels stagnant, and it will help keep you on the right track.