Red Maple
Manifest the light and leave the dark by following your intuition. Photo by Rachel Andrews

There can be a misconception about reaching the dream life. This happens because the goal often dwarfs the process, meaning that people think they will finally feel good when ‘x’ happens. Sometimes people picture their goal as having a specific dollar amount in savings, others see themselves in a specific career, and still others as living on a tropical island. Everyone has their own parameters to reach when describing the life of their dreams. But there is no build up with this model, no gradual climb. It’s all or nothing, which isn’t how it actually works.

Having a goal is great, but the feeling of what it would be like to achieve it, is much more important than the specific desire. It’s the feeling that will pull in the experiences and circumstances needed to attract it. How you respond to those experiences and circumstances determines how or if you will achieve what you want. The feeling of an anticipated future event pulls that life to you gradually. It’s how you respond to your life in the present that determines the outcome. Even more simply: feelings + responses = future.

The real goal is to feel the way you want to in every moment of life. Take a moment to picture this for yourself. Translate your dream life into a feeling, and place it over your current life. Does your body respond? Do you feel expansion in your chest and a warm tingly sensation all over? Do you smile? This is the magic! This is what transforms lives. If you don’t get any feeling in your body from this little exercise, it’s time to dream bigger.

Having and connecting to the feeling component is the magic part, but what happens between now and the realization of your goal is the process. This means that how you live each moment of your life matters. The future is made in each little decision you make, each thought you think and each tiny feeling you have.

Your goal life is delivered to you in pieces. If you picture each piece of a jigzaw puzzle separately, they don’t amount to much. One piece doesn’t tell the whole picture. In fact, you probably can’t even tell if what you are holding is a piece of a tree or a t-shirt. It’s impossible to judge because you don’t have all the information. Living a magic life is much like this. You collect each piece and have faith that your feeling will draw the appropriate pieces to you so you get the picture that you want in the end.

What’s the trick to responding to life in the way that will bring the future you want? It’s easy! When you are confronted with a decision to make, pause and ask your intuition. Seriously? Yes. Think about that one again. To get the life you want and the big, fabulous, amazing feeling that it produces, all you have to do is respond to every moment using your intuition as a guide. The “yes, no” feelings of your intuition are your connection through time and space to your ultimate goal. In essence, you’ll use your intuition to keep the pieces of the puzzle that fit into your desired future, and leave the other pieces behind.

This is the backbone of the manifesting process. The key is really to develop trust in your self. You have to accumulate many, many pieces of the puzzle before what you have actually resembles anything, and this can throw a lot of people off. Don’t get discouraged and definitely don’t give up! Share your stories with me in the comments. I’m here for you!


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