Validating the Feminine
A rhododendron bloom opening. Photo by Rachel Andrews

The transit of Venus astrological event that takes place today is symbolic of the feminine energies taking a front seat in the way this world consciously functions. There was a time in history when the subtle energies were used to guide decisions and power structures, and like all the cycles of nature, what was lost is coming back around.

The mechanization of every industry, is a great example of the masculine: livestock farming in concrete buildings, GMO food, the Industrial Revolution, corporate everything. The tipping point has been approaching though, and is evident in the way the service industry has increasingly taken over the market share previously held by manufacturing in this country.

More and more, assembly lines are disappearing and being replaced by life coaches, professional organizers, nannies, therapists, yoga instructors, consultants, and other more interactive and holistic professions. Because these other jobs require more fluid problem solving and communication skills, they rely more on feminine energy.

On a more humanistic level, look at what is happening to the male and female gender roles and expectations. There is less of a delineation between the sexes. More men are allowing the feminine to be present with in themselves, and more women are embracing their masculine side. We see people who are balanced in both aspects. Androgeny is also much more accepted than it used to be. There is even a high fashion model who switches between modeling men’s and women’s clothing because she can appear to be either sex.

Funneling down to the individual level is where this really matters. These societal and humanistic changes would not be taking place if we, as people, did not initiate them and allow them to be. This means that each of us is capable of working with the feminine in a deeper and more skillful way. We are giving the feminine energy validity again. The transit of Venus is emphasizing this and will open us up even more to the subtle energies that are ruled by the feminine.

There has never been a better time to connect with your inner voice! This transit will strengthen your efforts and boost the higher self’s urgings so that you can hear them and feel them more easily. There is a caveat to this, though, and you are also seeing this around you. Holding fast to the old, rigid masculine systems will only bring you pain. Look at the crumbling economy and which jobs are being affected. Look at the banking system and what types of other institutions are closing their doors or are being reformed. Trying to cling to those outdated ideas and models is a lost cause. Adding flow and ease to your life will greatly help you to transition into the new.

You already know what this feels like. You already know where your higher self is urging you to go. If you feel unsure about this, slow down your life. Pretend that you are a canoe moving down a swiftly flowing river and your arms are the oars. Your guidance system is within you and a subtle shift of your body from left to right is what keeps your canoe from gliding on to shore. Your intuitive knowing is active, ready and waiting for your to respond. You have all the answers to get you through this period of societal uncertainty. Just listen to your own wisdom.

The feminine energy remind us that life is fun, beautiful, flowing, graceful and peaceful. It shows us where our lives need attention with the presence of compassionate nudges. It also points us into where we find the most fulfillment in a gentle way. Remember this aspect, because it is different than the masculine “hit you over the head” feeling. The feminine is more like following a dance partner, feeling the pressure of someone’s hand on the small of your back so you know which way to turn. Pay attention for this lighter guidance, and you will have no trouble navigating through this transit and the building emphasis that the feminine energy is exerting on us all.