Lizard in Florida
Don’t let what others might think of you deter you from being yourself. Photo by Rachel Andrews


One major reason why we enjoy watching television so much is to become part of someone else’s intuitive decisions. Your intuition will always guide you to act in self affirming ways. The characters who put themselves out there risking ridicule and those who make gut decisions in the face of failure are utterly captivating. We watch them and become part of their lives, and in doing so, we get to experience what living on the edge really feels like. We see before us a clear representation of what it’s like to live based on intuition.

I was just watching an episode of Glee called Choke. The character Kurt is preparing for the most important audition of his life, the one that will make the difference of whether or not he will get into the most prestigious performing arts college there is. He’s prepared to sing the song he knows he can perform well. He even has his fellow Glee mate there with him to help. The thing is, he’s had this urge all along to be bold and show the judge who he is, in addition to how well he can sing. He understands that talent and ability can be had by anyone, but no one else can be Kurt. This clip shows the process of how he turns a “safe bet” into showing off his true personality.

As seen in the clip, that “safe bet” probably wouldn’t have gotten him very far. The first song choice wasn’t inspiring enough. When he chose to be himself, the judge really took notice. This fictional account comes straight from real life.

Ray Charles started his career by singing like Nat Cole. Sure, he got jobs and made some money by imitating the already established star, but no one knew his name. He decided one day that being called, “Hey, Kid!” wasn’t enough. If he really wanted to make a name for himself he would need to be himself. The first recording he made in his own style was I Got a Woman. Here’s a live version:

I’m sure we all know that song, and are forever grateful that Ray Charles decided to be himself. Not only do we all enjoy his decades of musical recordings, but his choice to be himself makes his music timeless. He’s an original. Kanye West even decided to merge Charle’s song into one of his own, Goldigger. Here’s a live version of that:

Kanye didn’t need to have samples of Ray Charle’s song in his own to boost his popularity, he was already a superstar. He did it because the original song has it’s own spark to it. Something else that may have inticed West to choose this song is the controversy it caused when it was released, something that I Got a Woman and Goldigger have in common.

When you go out on a limb and show your true colors, the world doesn’t always respond in the most gentle manner, like what happened with Kurt. Sometimes we push buttons and people react poorly. If this happens to you, don’t let it discourage you from continuing to be yourself. Normally, the world comes around, and when they do, you tend to get an equal amount of energy in the opposite form. If people really disliked you at first, you are bound to be the most popular thing in their eyes later on.  You play a part in helping them to transform.  It’s a magical circle of inspiration and change.

Here’s an example of being yourself that might put people off at first. This audition starts out on the weird side, but luckily, Hampton Williams sticks to his own talents and energy, and wins over everyone in the end. It’s very inspiring and part of the reason why I love the show he’s auditioning for.

Hampton moves like a watercolor painting and you can see the committment in his eyes. He’s not worrying about what the judges will think, he’s just laying it all out there. He’s in his flow. He is our teacher of how to cultivate our inner gifts and then show them to the world. Truly amazing!

So maybe you don’t have your own dance style, and maybe you don’t sing, but whatever you have that is your own, don’t be afraid to show it! When you shine, we shine. So show your stuff!