Maya Cointreau The following is an interview with Maya Cointreau. She has authored several books on healing for humans and animals, and runs several workshops at Earth Lodge, her holistic health center in Roxbury, CT. Check out her full bio at the bottom of the page for more information and links to her work. I met Maya five years ago when I started doing readings at Hygeia Metaphysical Bookstore and Healing Center, which she co-owned with Ruth Abbott. Since then, we have both grown and honed our skills. The impetus for this interview is the release of Maya’s new flower essence guide, which includes channeled information from the flowers themselves. In addition to the fabulous information, she’s priced the guide at under two dollars in the Amazon kindle store making it a resource everyone can afford! Here’s what Maya has to say:

Rachel: Congratulations on your new book! You’ve created a wonderful resource for those of us who feel close to flowers and see the benefit of using flower essences. What I especially like about your book is that I can store it on my phone and reference it when I am out in nature. I am also grateful for your channeled information. You gave the flowers a medium to speak through and it made me giddy to read their messages!

Maya: Thank you, Rachel! It is always so wonderful to have such nice feedback. I love that you are using the book on your phone, such accessibility is part of what I love about the new digital media options in publishing.

Rachel: What was the first part of the process for that aspect of the book? Did the flowers speak to you first, or did you ask them for any comments they may want to share with you about healing?

Maya: This part of the book really began with the flowers. I spend a lot of time outdoors with my children in the garden. Even in the winter, I walk through part of the snow-covered garden on my way in and out of the house, and sometimes a flower will catch my eye. As I appreciate its beauty and structure, I unconsciously open to the energy of the plant, and that is when they often begin to speak to me. It’s like a joyful chattering of thought in my mind: “look at me, look at me! Sit with us, be with us, use us in your next flower essence.” Later, when I sit with them, they give me further information about what they are here on Earth to do, what sort of energetic purpose they carry, and how they can help humanity, or how we can help each other. Sometimes they tell me what to plant, too, or ask for specific improvements in the garden. Every plant seems to have its own energetic imprint, it’s own personality, so really the possibilities for healing work with plants is quite endless. The flowers began asking me for a book about vibrational remedies this winter – they want their potential to be better understood by the masses, and what better way to get the book out than a book on Amazon?

Rachel: Can you explain the different moods that flowers can express? How do their vibrations differ?

Maya: For me, it all begins with their voices. I literally hear the flowers in my head when they start speaking to me. It’s like they are speaking right in my ear, except instead of hearing them with my entire brain, as you would a normal sound, it rather feels like their voice is in one small area behind my right ear. Sometimes I can see their energies, too, something I began experimenting with after reading the “Celestine Prophecy,” and they have different color auras. I find that they tend to impact my heart chakra, especially around the thymus so that I feel a warmth and an expansion there. All the flowers, plants, and trees are so different. Some are very happy and talk very fast, others are slow and ponderous, heavy almost. Some are serious, some are all about fun and lightness. But in my experience they all want to help. They all want to co-create with humanity. They all want us to take charge of our earthly domain and improve living conditions for all beings: plants, animals, people, even the rocks and the air. They insist that all the earth is one organism. We are all part of it – connected, breathing, coexisting and we must cooperate to create the best environment possible so that we can all become greater, fully empowered beings.

Rachel: I understand that this guide is going to be part of a bigger book. Can you tell us about that and when it will be available?

Maya: Yes, I’m currently working on a new book about vibrational healing remedies. I hope to cover the full spectrum of life energy modalities, from flower essences and homeopathics, to rife machines and bioenergetic remedies. The plan is to talk about each modality, what it is, how to use it, and even how to create your own remedies. I’ve begun with the flower and crystal essences, since that is what I know best, and who was clamoring loudest in my brain to get out onto paper. I am hoping to finish it before the end of the year.

I would love for it to become an industry handbook for vibrational healers. I find that there is a lot of specialization within healing circles, which I don’t necessarily think is for the best. In my own healing practice I often see that the best results come from a mixture of healing modalities, so that the dis-ease can be targeted on different levels. I think that one-sided healing is a big reason why so many people’s healing experiences level off. Herbs or modern medicines might cure most of the physical symptoms, but the client might require a flower essence to treat the energy dysfunction of the body on the auric level, the root of the physical dis-ease. A homeopathic might be needed to give a bioenergetic remedy the boost it needs to clear a miasm out of the DNA for good.

A Dream Catcher from Maya's Etsy shop.
A Dream Catcher for sale in Maya’s Etsy shop.

Rachel: Since is all about incorporating the spirit into everyday life, can you share your daily integration with us? Do you meditate or work with crystals, etc. during the day? Do you check in with your higher self or guides throughout the day? What does your typical day look like?

Maya: I wish I could say that I was meditating as much as I would like. Before I had children, I meditated and did shamanic journey work on a daily basis. Now as my children are getting a bit older (2 and 6) I’m finding that I can get back to the spiritual work a little more easily. There’s less of a rush in the morning for nursing and comforting, so that I can slowly wakeup and hold on to my dreams long enough to write them down again. Dream work is very important to me, and has been since my teenage years when I began working in-depth with the teaching of Carlos Castaneda.

I am part of a “Crystalline Club,” that works with a different crystal each month. We meditate with it and carry it for the entire month, working with its specific energy. We’ve been doing this for over two years now, and it’s been a real growth experience. My guides are pretty chatty (like me!) so they tend to pipe up throughout the day – I hear them in much the same way I hear the flowers. I believe we all have powerful psychic gifts, and that they manifest in each of us a little differently. I tend to be mostly clairaudient and empathic, so I hear or feel things. I can also see energy rather easily, another side-effect of my work with books like Castaneda’s and the Celestine Prophecy, so that I can literally see the energetic gridwork that overlays everything. It’s pretty awesome to see and to know that we are more than we appear. Quantum Physics is a fascinating field that is working within this framework work of knowing.

My day looks very much like other moms’. I try to stay in the moment, and take each day as it comes. My kids wake me up, we eat, we each do our work for the day. We go on errands and I get a lot of my work done while my little one is sleeping or building with blocks (she’s quite the organizer.) I hang out in my garden – in the summer I have a huge veggie garden and do a lot of canning and drying, I love having my own garden food in the winter. At night, I think it’s really important for the whole family to settle down and eat together. It’s our most important meal of the day. Then the kids go to bed, and I spend a couple hours unwinding – reading, watching a movie, eating something decadent and chocolaty. These are my rewards, my treats. I watch a lot less drama then I used to – we canceled our cable and only choose movies or recorded TV that is uplifting or thought provoking. No commercials, no negative programming. I go bed happy and relaxed.

Rachel: In addition to being a mom, a wife, a rockin’ homesteader, jewelry maker, artist, author…wow! You also have time to make these wonderful essences and run workshops for your Holistic Healing Center. Do you have any tips that we could benefit from regarding doing so much at once? How do you do it all and keep your focus and center?

Maya: Ha, ha! I have to admit, I’m not always centered. There are days when it all kind of gets away from me. But the key is to be forgiving and gentle with yourself. Stay in the moment. Know that you are only human, and do the best you can. I do find that being organized helps a lot. Just making a little to-do list in the morning goes a long way. Personally, I come from a long line of very active women. We’ve all been multi-taskers, and rather dominant. It’s in our DNA. I’m working on gentling that genetic predisposition a bit, and encouraging more co-creation with our mates, our families, our community. The flowers are a part of that work.

Rachel: I have met several people who feel they are not connected with their higher selves. What has your experience been as a journey work facilitator? Do people ever have trouble journeying, and if so, do you have any advice about how to get there?

Maya: One of the easiest way to understand your greater self is to get in touch with your emotions. It’s very simple really. When you have a thought that makes you feel bad, especially in your body, that is your higher self, your inner self, your true YOU, trying to let you know that it doesn’t like your thought process. It’s telling you that whatever you are thinking is not on your path. It’s not the way to happiness, it’s not going to take you to joy. When you feel good, it’s because your higher self is literally doing a happy dance up there in the ethers.

When people have a hard time journeying, I find it tends to be for one of two reasons. The first reason, and it’s a big one, is fear. A lot of people are scared they won’t return, that they’ll enjoy being out there far too much and they won’t want to come back to physical existence. Or they are afraid of what they will see. The first fear is easy to conquer, because the fact is that if you are afraid you won’t come back, you are not one of those people who won’t come back. You will always come back. Always. The only people who do not return, according to my shamanic studies, are those rare and gifted shamans or yogis who simply do not want or need to return. They have moved on. They are not afraid. They are ready. The second fear is a little harder. It really requires the openness and willingness of the participant to see, to experience their inner selves. You have to want to do the work. Sometimes, we’re just not ready. And that’s OK, too.

The second reason I find people being unable to journey is that they are putting too much pressure on themselves. They have specific beliefs and expectations about what meditation or journeying should be like, and are trying to hard to mold the experience to their belief system. Again, this requires an opening of the mind, a relaxing of the body and emotions. One man I know had to journey 4 times before he could go anywhere or find a power animal. He kept trying to begin his journey by going through different trees he felt connected to. He thought you had to enter the journey worlds through the roots of trees, because this is what so many other shamans do. He was literally hurling himself (in his minds eye) at trees and getting bounced back. It wasn’t until he gave up entirely on the fourth or fifth journey and imagined himself at home on his lakeside dock that he succeeded. A whirlpool opened in the lake, and there was his otter guide. So when I tell new journeyers how to begin, I like to tell his story. I think it is a great lesson: begin in your own place of comfort. Pick you favorite place in nature, or if you don’t like nature just pick your favorite place. Start where you are happy. Proceed from there. Just see where your soul takes you.

Rachel: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Maya: I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. We judge ourselves very harshly. That is one of the benefits of meditation in its most basic incarnation, the kind of meditation where you just sit, and breath. When you think, you note that you’re thinking, and you let it go. You do not judge, you do not say “that’s bad” or “that’s good.” This sort of meditation helps us be easier with ourselves, and then we can begin to be easier with others, and the world. And really, if we can just be easy, all will flow so much better in our lives. A moment ago my son lost his first tooth (literally! I was just answering the previous question!) It was a distraction and I could have gotten annoyed that I lost my thought, but I just went with it. I hugged him, we clapped and jumped, we looked at the tooth for awhile, and when I returned to writing, the answer was different, sure, but I went with the moment and am assuming that whatever came out is what was needed. The first answer I was giving, the words I was about to type, must not have been quite right. So the universe interrupted me and we all expanded in the way we were meant to.

Rachel: Thank you for all you do, Maya! You are an inspiration to all of us and an amazing example of how to live a fully integrated life. Much love!

Maya: Thank you, Rachel! I find your teachings inspirational as well. Your art and your words uplift me on a regular basis, and help me return to center when needed. You’re a blessing to us all!

Bio: Maya Cointreau is author of “The Healing Properties of Flowers”,“Grounding and Clearing”and “Natural Animal Healing”, which are all available on Maya creates herbal supplements and vibrational healing remedies through Earth Lodge ( and leads Reiki Shares, Shamanic Circles, Meditations and other educational endeavors designed to uplift body, mind and spirit. She is also an artist whose work can be seen at

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