Ever have the kind of day that is inspired and wonderful and full of love and open communication? That’s the kind of day I had today. Last night I wrote this beautiful note and felt compelled to share it with my friends on the Sephyrus Newsletter list. I was hoping that the email would provide a bit of unexpected support, like a virtual hug. I was surprised by the responses I got from it, which were all very positive and appreciative of the words. One person said that she “really needed to hear that”, another said it was “beautiful”, and someone else said that this:

I’m not sure if you sent this as a note to everyone on your list, but even if you did I know you didn’t do it in a spammy sort of way. Because the words and good wishes are so beautiful, anyone would be happy to receive words like that from a friend, who dispassionately tries to help them feel right with himself or herself and the universe.

So the wisdom that touts, “you get what you give” can be attested to! I gave love and I definitely got it back. So thank you to everyone who emailed me today. I am forever grateful to be in your lives!

I was so happy that this message was well received, that I decided to make it a follow-up email to the people who register for my newsletter. That way, two days after signing up, they will get that message. I made a mistake with that, and here’s why: a spontaneous act of love is no longer spontaneous if it’s planned! It’s a ‘duh’ realization, yes, but my intentions were good.

Making what I do into a business isn’t always easy. Following run of the mill marketing advice is sort of out of the question, for reasons that are being revealed now. I talk about living in the moment and aligning with your highest self, being divinely guided, etc., so in my zeal to share a message that assisted people, I forgot about what made it so special. It was created in a moment of inspiration and shared in a moment of inspiration. The timing was right. This does not guarantee that the timing will be right exactly two days after someone signs up for my newsletter.

But I didn’t realize that soon enough. I did make the message into a follow-up email, and then something I didn’t expect to happen, happened. The message sent (again) to all the people on the list! Now, everyone has two copies. When I saw that, a dread washed over me. I immediately realized what had occurred, covered in the previous paragraph, and decided to write another email apologizing to everyone for the mistake.

A goose with ruffled feathers. Photo by Rachel Andrews

But what happens now?! The email has unfilled formatted blocks in it, like the “this is where you write your first post” areas on a new blog. This one says “Using The Block Editor” and “image” right above my apology text. So a tacky apology email after a spam attack…oh my goodness.

At this point, it sort of takes the sparkle out of the whole experience and I was feeling pretty low about it. Earlier I felt like a magical fairy spreading love, who then turned into a spam queen, squashing the intimacy and trust that was created earlier – only to follow that up with a rushed and insincere looking plea for forgiveness.

I take it seriously that people trust me with their email addresses. I would never intentionally do anything to break that trust. So what did I do in this moment of panic and depression? I crawled on to my floor in child’s pose, took a deep breath, and asked for advice.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Guides: And what do you tell people about? Is it forgiveness?
Me: Yes.
Guides: You should forgive yourself.
Me: I know.
Guides: Do you tell people to have fun and relax?
Me: Yes.
Guides: Everything is okay.

They not only talked me down from my self-pity party for one, they also showered me with loving energy. I am so in awe of this connection. I would not be writing this now and poking fun at my little failure of an email experiment if it was not for their absolute compassion. Nope, I’d be hiding under the covers, dreading the first look at my email tomorrow!

I know I’m being dramatic, but I’m really writing this all out to you so you can see that there is a huge difference between being in alignment, and not being in alignment. The first email was great because it came from a place of honesty and care. The second email came from a mental decision to create a short cut for myself, which was not in alignment with my real vision for Sephyrus or myself. The third email, the apology, was a rushed attempt to make myself feel better, it was a fear-based reaction…which is definitely not in alignment with my higher self. Take it from me, you’ll save yourself lots of trouble by checking in with your intuition regularly and not taking the short-cut when it doesn’t feel right, even if it seems to make sense in your head.

I do love all of you, and no, I will not spam you again. Forgive me?


Rachel Archelaus

Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, author & artist. She assists helpers & healers to create, clarify & launch their businesses while teaching them to develop their psychic super powers along the way. She is also the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy. Learn to have a two way conversation with your Higher Self so you can ditch confusion forever here: http://intuitiveartacademy.com

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