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To all you established and emerging psychic wonder-adults out there, I have something very important to let you in on. Even the most experienced, highest paid, most revered, and internationally celebrated psychic phenoms have doubted themselves for years and probably still do from time to time. Why? Because having confidence is a choice, not something that automatically comes with being talented. It comes from within, and in a world that doesn’t always support the psychic arts, maintaining confidence can be tricky. Luckily, there are steps you can take to develop the inner connection and trust that confidence rests on.

For psychics who work with clients, this is especially important. Being in the role of messenger means that there is less control during a session as opposed to a massage therapist or psychologist. The psychic has to internally prepare to receive information, knowing that whatever information they get is a) only what they are allowed to pass on to you, and b) coming through them and not from them. This makes the job of relaying psychic information feel a little precarious to say the least. Having confidence in the information they pass on to friends and clients comes from years and years of practice and confirmation, and most of all a well developed inner trust. The typical psychically talented person will follow this sort of trajectory when it comes to development and confidence:

The “Denial Phase.” Having a slight feeling that they may be connected to higher planes of existence in some way, but not really being sure of what it is. Maybe they sense a ghost in their home, maybe they hear their guides whisper to them once in a while. Maybe they can always tell when a friend is thinking about them or about to call. Normally though, when asked if they are psychic, they will say in a sort of sheepish tone, “oh my goodness, no!” Most people stop here because of a belief that what they experienced is not real, or not important, or that they just simply don’t have talent and are not connected.

The “Curiosity Phase.”
This stage happens when curiosity or determination carries the person forward in development. If the scenarios in the “Denial Phase” are acknowledged and looked for, there will be a natural curve upward in skill. The ghost will be felt more often, the voices heard more clearly, and precognition and telepathy will get stronger. This in itself will make choosing to be confident a little easier, but most people will still say that they don’t have any idea what they are doing. And they’re probably right! That’s because there’s no real scorecard or checklist to compare with. If we hit a baseball, we know for sure that it happened, but psychic skills can feel very temporary and hard to control at first, making even the intermediate feel shy of proclaiming their gifts.

The “Testing Phase.” This is when people start using their psychic talents on purpose and play around with how they work. Maybe they try to communicate telepathically with their best friend, or gather psychic information for a relative. Maybe they have seen a deceased loved one in a dream and now try to open the lines of communication on purpose. This phase can give a bit more confidence to the individual simply because of the methods being used to test things out. The information or abilities can involve different people, so confirmation is possible. If you do a reading for your mom, she can tell you whether you are accurate or not. And if your best friend can hear your thoughts, or you can hear hers, you will know. There is still a risk of brushing off positive results, but it’s harder this time.

The “Development Phase.” This is where the individual identifies with his or her talent to the extent that it can be called upon at will and used for personal assistance or for friends, family and sometimes even clients. The person is still getting a grip on how to work with these talents in a constructed, purposeful way. At times, it can seem as though the talents are gone. The connection between personal vibration level (or state of being) and the clarity of the talent has not been made. So, results are mixed. This will continue for years in most cases, unless the right education has been sought out and the talents have been thoroughly practiced. Very few people move beyond this.

The “Integration Phase.” This phase involves a deep understanding of how and where the talents come from. The individual feels inseparable from being psychic. The person is also aware of the different channels of psychic information and how to access information from the best possible source. They understand and practice keeping their own energy at the highest vibration possible. They ground, align, connect, balance and clear their energy on a continual basis. Life is seen through this expanded view. Confidence here is gained because separation between inner and outer self is kept to a minimum. This kind of confidence radiates from the inside out and can be felt by others in this way.

When I look for someone psychic to work with, I would want that person to fit into the “Integration Phase.” I know how much awareness it takes to be vigilant with keeping up my own energy standards, and I would want the person I am seeking guidance from to do that same. I hope that seeing there are steps to developing your psychic talent gives you more hope of gaining new skills. I think there is a misconception that it’s all or nothing, that you need to be born with a gift otherwise there is no hope of attaining one. Thankfully, that is not the case!

If you fit into one of the phases above and want to move up the ladder, just practice and educate yourself. Learn more about the subtle body and get yourself a daily routine of balancing and clearing. Work with your chakras, get to know your aura, and talk to your guides. Ask for a special guide to assist you in developing your skill. Even if you can’t see or hear them now, someone will show up and work with you until you can. Trust that you can do it and it will happen.


Rachel Archelaus

Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, author & artist. She assists helpers & healers to create, clarify & launch their businesses while teaching them to develop their psychic super powers along the way. She is also the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy. Learn to have a two way conversation with your Higher Self so you can ditch confusion forever here:

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