I have heard plenty of people say that they would have their dream job if they only had the money to start a business. This is a nice thought, but it’s also an easy excuse. There are several steps that come before the investment phase in starting a business. What I would ask you if this scenario applies to you is, “if you were an investor, would you invest in your business?” In other words, are you ready for the money? Do you know how you’ll spend it? Do you have your inventory process or client list set up and do you even know anything about the industry you’ll be entering? Are you confident that you can handle having your dream job?

Think about that last one for a minute or two. If the answer you give is, “yes absolutely,” with no butterflies in your belly at all, you may be in the wrong market! Doing your purpose and having your dream job is about living on the edge of your comfort zone. It probably won’t feel like being snuggled in bed on a rainy day. Don’t confuse this with living in a terror state all the time, though. It’s a mixture of both. Living your dream life is about growing past your perceived limits on a daily basis, but also feeling pure bliss as you enjoy the flow that you have allowed into your life. Your neutral state will be a feeling of relaxed contentedness. There are variables of these states of being, but for the most part, these are accurate descriptions for the majority of people.

Back to some of those other questions, with the theme being: are you ready? Do you have a plan? Do you know where your office or store will be? Do you know who to connect with for permits and licenses? These things are important, because being able to answer them means you are committed and not just dreaming about turning your business idea into a reality. If an investor came up to you and asked how you would spend her money if she gave it to you right now, she would want some very specific answers! Be ready. You never know when that opportunity might present itself.

Don’t give up on your dream life! If you are making the excuse of not having money as the sole reason why you are not moving toward your dream, please look deeper inside yourself. Ask yourself why you want this particular business, why you are not moving forward, and why it hasn’t happened already. Be honest with yourself. If it is a self-esteem issue, then make a plan to solve that obstacle. Whatever comes up, treat it like a toothache and get the appropriate assistance.

Do you want your dream to slip away because you don’t think you can do it? That little thought keeps many people from even attempting to fulfill what they feel is their purpose. And worst of all, they do it to themselves! Don’t be one of those people, and if you know someone like that, offer them some encouragement. You are the only person who can convince yourself that you can’t do something. The good news is that you can correct that thought.

When you tell yourself that money is the issue, you won’t be able to see the way around that problem. You have created the money obstacle for yourself if you keep thinking that way. The truth is that there are many angel investors out there pumping money into small businesses. There is kickstarter.com which, since 2009, has allowed over 2 million people to pledge $250 million dollars to successfully fund over 24,000 projects! If you haven’t heard of it, go check it out. It is a very inspiring website. Besides kickstarter, there are other ways to raise funds, gain exposure and get all the money you need to make your dream a reality. Let your curiosity lead you to the right source.

When you start going into the doldrums about money, remember to ask yourself how you would react to yourself in an investor role. If you are sad and lacking motivation and enthusiasm, chances are you wouldn’t want to take a chance on giving that person money. Be positive, be specific, and dream big. Let yourself be a little scared. But most of all, be honest with yourself about what the real obstacles are. If you are rushing ahead of yourself, slow down and tackle each phase with intention and clarity. You’ll be more successful in the long-term if you do it right the first time.

Successful business people make business plans with the thought that it will be funded. They develop each facet of their business, make up the numbers as best as they can, and then they go out to find the money. Do your best to not be overwhelmed by limiting thoughts when you plan your dreams. Make sure each decision you make is based on your inner desires and aligns with your higher self. You can do this by working with your intuition’s “yes” “no” system. (For more information about that, see watch this video.) Have faith in yourself and others will too.

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