Tree Stump
A great teacher can show us another perspective, one that resonates with us. Doesn’t this tree stump resemble a spider’s web? Photo by Rachel Andrews

What a good spiritual teacher is trying to do, is empower you to develop your own specialties in a manner authentic to you. In doing so, they use their own expertise to guide you. The best scenario is when we can learn and be inspired by our teachers to put ourselves out there in our own way, not to copy them or to idolize them. When we idolize people, we lose our own power.

There is also the temptation to follow advice blindly when we have accepted a teacher as knowing their stuff. Remember that only you can know what information will be truly beneficial for you. Everything you learn should go through your inner guidance system. Learning discernment is essential to getting the most out of a teacher. Question things. Ask for clarity. Stand in your authenticity and see if the information is a match. Just don’t confuse this with an ego reaction.

A teacher will stretch you beyond your current state, and this will normally feel less than pleasant. There is a difference between acknowledging growing pains and rejecting sound advice from a teacher. If you are looking to change, grow, or be different in any way, this will require vibrational adjustment – and this can often cause a tantrum of the mind.

There is an abundance of amazing spiritual teachers and with the internet, we have access to almost all of them. Sometimes these teachers are targeting a specific soul group or are just offering something you don’t need. Sometimes taking classes and reading articles is just as much of a distraction as watching a bad television show. Just because it’s spiritual, doesn’t make it helpful. Know when you can benefit from someone’s teachings.

And don’t forget to do the work! If you just listen and do nothing, you’ll get better thoughts and the same circumstances. I definitely know about this one. I’ve been working with a teacher for five years now, and have just recently added another. This is in addition to the other learning I’ve done for last twenty years. Growing is internally motivated, intrinsically motivated, it has to be. If it’s not, you won’t get anywhere. Find the deepest part of you that wants change and keep it in your view. That way, when the mind or body starts whining, you can keep going. It’s not always easy or pretty, but it’s worth it. If you can laugh your way through it, even better! If this was easy, everyone would have the life they desired.

That’s why having a teacher, mentor or coach is so beneficial. They can push you harder than you would push yourself. They can see more clearly what you need to do in order get to where you want. And sometimes, they can help you course-correct to be more in alignment with your true nature. This is huge! Your growth will happen much faster with a teacher.

The other component that a teacher has is less obvious. They are holding the space for your growth with their own energy. Because we all have our own specialty, we all hold energy in different vibrations and at different clarity and strength. We are sort of place holders for everyone else, and they are place holders for us. Everyone’s energy combined makes up the world you see now (and beyond). When I work with a teacher, I am benefiting from their energy because their energetic anchor is something my energy can learn from. This mostly happens under the surface, but it is a very important component to the spiritual teacher/student relationship. This facet can be felt as trust. When you align with someone in this way, you trust them, which is very important because you will, at times, not want to listen to what they have to say.

I couldn’t even begin to express how grateful I am for my teachers, the formal ones, and everyone else I have learned from. They have accelerated my growth tremendously. What have your teachers done for you? Are you reluctant to have a teacher? Let me know in the comments!