New Horizons
Photo by Rachel Andrews

Is there a change you would like to make, but can’t quite figure out how? Are you at an impasse of some kind and are stuck? In order for change to occur in our lives, we have to know that an alternate possibility exists. Sometimes, we get so stuck that we can’t see anything other than what we don’t want. If the phrases, “I can’t”, or “there is no other way” are floating around your mind, then you know what I’m talking about. In order to reach the other side, a different side needs to be acknowledged!

This seems pretty straight forward, but when we are in the thick of things, an alternate situation is normally the last thing we are pondering. Normally, we know we don’t like where we are, but we stop there. So what are you ruminating on? What situation in your life would you want to change but don’t think you can? Becoming aware of our blocks is the first step towards moving past them.

Get it out of your head. Write down, draw a picture, or talk with a good listener about what you want to be different in your life. Forget about how this would be accomplished for now. While these issues remain in your mind, they will seem much more insurmountable than they really are. It’s like going to the dentist. You’re scared, you worry about the pain, you wonder if you’ll have a cavity, sometimes for months or years before you gain the courage to go, but when you do it’s not that big of a deal. Or at least if it is, you handled it. Any seemingly impossible situation you are dealing with now is the same way. Get it out of your mind, and you can gain valuable perspective on the issue.

I function a little differently than most people on this issue. Instead of getting stuck on a particular obstacle and not seeing a different reality, I tend to become overwhelmed by the options. I see so many possibilities that it’s hard to pick just one. I will share some of my possibility abundance with you so we can balance each other out: Absolutely anything you can think of is possible.

This is true. You would not be able to imagine the scenario if it were not within your ability to be realized. The main problem is that we barricade ourselves inside a constructed prison. As our divine and expansive energy works its way down through the dimensions, it encounters our own constructed limitations.

Our soul’s energy has to first come through the thought dimension, where it is distorted by beliefs we hold that are not true. We are all aware of what some of these are, like stereotypes about our gender, ethnicity, education level, hair color, etc. Many times we are still dealing with parental issues as adults. There are so many thoughts in our subconscious and conscious minds that are not true and our divine energy has to work through them.

Then comes the emotional body. Once past the thoughts, our soul’s energy passes through our emotions. Memories are a large part of our emotional body so any unhealed trauma will have a negative effect on the preservation of our divine energy. To make its way down to the action phase of life, where we take the steps necessary to implement new circumstances, our soul has to act in accordance with our current emotional repertoire.

Physical reality is the last stop on the soul train. After passing down through our thoughts and emotions, we get to express our divine selves in action. Whewww, that was a long journey! If you’ve followed me this far you can understand how having limiting beliefs and unhealed pain can cause low vitality. There is a reason why olympic athletes don’t date or go to public school. They have to focus all of their energy on training, visualizing success, and living their sport so they don’t get weighed down with emotional and mental baggage.

The key to positive change is having enough room in your thoughts to see an alternative. You also need to believe in your heart that it is possible to achieve it. Then, action is required to take the steps necessary to get there. All three dimensions need to be on board for a change of any magnitude to happen.

This is why I advocate clearing work while taking the steps toward a new life. We can simultaneously clear out the mental, emotional and physical weights while we are moving forward toward a more fulfilling life.

This process is happening all the time. There is no getting around it. Whether it brings you the same results as you always get, or new more exciting ones, depends on you. Challenge your current thought patterns. Start to notice your emotional reactions and pinpoint where they are really stemming from. You can do this! And you can change your circumstances to reflect a life you really want to live in.