Screenshot-2014-06-20-14.16.08I have been doing some thinking lately about how many different messages are coming at us from spiritual teachers. They all say something different; sometimes only slightly different, but other times it seems like they say opposite things. This can be confusion causing at best for someone who is looking to enhance their life and become more conscious. So why, if these people are what they say they are…spiritual teachers, are they all delivering different things?

Here’s what made sense to me: teachers can get their information in any number of ways, but it normally involves a combination of physical action and spiritual information. A good spiritual teacher will be informing you of lessons, techniques, or systems that were given to them through spirit, but which worked for them in the physical world. Those two things are very important. I make sure that the info I am studying or implementing in my life has been experienced and makes the grade here on earth. If it doesn’t, what’s the point? Unless we are studying for intellectual purposes only, like interstellar anthropologists would, what we learn should be applicable to us, now, as we live in a human body.

Next, I try to evaluate what particular area the teacher is specialized in. Some of us are gifted in music, and will therefore learn our lessons or develop techniques that use resonance and pitch as markers of success. Maybe there will be instruments involved or a specific chant used to clear energy. The energetic and spiritual life of that person will involve music in some way, and all of that will be perfect for that person. It may also be perfect for other people who’s specialty is similar. Someone who is specialized in color may find the exercises lacking in power and want something different. Finding a teacher who shares your specialty will greatly enhance the effectiveness of their teachings in your life.

You will also attract teachers who show you yourself. Once you have grasped the aspect of yourself that they are showing you, you will move on. They are the great reflectors of consciousness. Therefore, try not to judge what they do or say as being anything that you are not. If you really didn’t resonate with them, you would not be present to witness their shortcomings or the brilliance.

Above all else, spiritual teachers are doing what they do because they want to help. They have come across some information, technique, or system that has opened their eyes and made life more meaningful. They cannot help but want to share that with the world! Haven’t you had that experience? There are dozens of messages because there are dozens of teachers who all experience life in different ways. Who calls out to you?

You will know which teacher or teachers will serve you the most because they will seem utterly fascinating to you. You will want to read every book, watch every youtube video and listen to every tele-class they have ever produced. You will want to see what other people have said and share their articles with your friends. I urge you to go beyond simply soaking in their knowledge. Try to identify the specific message that they are conveying. What is the core of their work? Then, compare that to yourself. Are you strengthening your own core by learning from them? Or are you padding the general knowledge you hold? Turn their words into your own. Implement their strategies into your life and see if they work for you. Ignoring this part is all too easy. To benefit from a teacher’s message it needs to be implemented on the physical plane.

This is what your teachers want you to do. This is what excites them! Why? Because this is where transformation really happens. So whatever teacher you end up learning from, make sure that they have experienced the transformational power of their words first. Then, make it your job to implement those words into your physical life. Change your life. Change your consciousness. Change your everything. This is what we are here to do.