Frustration and change don’t need to be linked. How many times have you waited to end a relationship or a job until you were sick with stress and the frustration you carried around that one life circumstance poured its way into the rest of your life like toxic sludge?

Was that a dramatically worded question? Yes! That’s the point. We don’t really need all that drama and frustration in order to make a change. It’s just that we are so used to being disempowered that we do not value our own opinions!

We feel that we need some outside validation for why a change is necessary. That drama calls attention so your spouse agrees with you that your current job isn’t worth it…or your girlfriends agree that you should leave your husband. This happens all the time and there is another option.

Just start valuing your own opinion. Self appreciation and trust is a decision. You can decide today to start appreciating your health, time, and all of the other parts of you that can be affected when you stay in an unharmonious situation too long.

Another great side effect of trusting and valuing yourself is that other people will start treating you in that way also. You teach people how to treat you, so just by you making the effort in this direction, your circumstances will change. You may not have to leave the job or the relationship, because how your boss and spouse relate to you will change as a result of your efforts.

If some little devils are popping up in your head right now saying things like, “ha, no one understands what I put myself through to keep things together!” or “they’ll never change how they treat at me.” Just know that those voices are present in you because of where you are now, not where you will be if you change your self-perception and self-care.

It is entirely possible for you to live harmoniously with your partner and in your profession. If you start to notice some drama or frustration come up, ask yourself, “am I just trying to justify the fact that I don’t want this in my life?” If the answer is yes, give yourself permission to release it.

Lots of love,

Rachel Andrews