Here is the Live Intuitive Drawing Class Replay! This is a full-length class that will teach you how to channel subtle energy with ease. The whole process is quick and painless – and you even end up with a tangible product.

For your convenience, I have uploaded a blank color sheet for you to fill out. The link for that is underneath the video. Don’t worry, everything is explained in the class.

I had a blast making this and I hope you have a great time participating! I want to see those drawings, too! You can email them to me or link to them in the comments. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments as well.

Intuitive Drawing – What is it & How Does it Work?

Intuitive Drawing is a form of channeling.  It allows us to translate energy from one form into another.  An example of this is to take a thought and transform it into a drawing.  Both the drawing and the thought are energy, and we as energetic beings can naturally channel the thought and display it as a drawing.

The benefit of going to all this trouble is that it gets the process working outside of us.  Often, when we are working with the psychic senses internally, we can question whether or not we are making up what we are sensing.  Getting answers via Intuitive Drawing is like doing a double blind study, we remove ourselves from the outcome and can have more confidence in the answer.

Intuitive Drawing can be used to translate anything.  We can translate our cat into a drawing, answers from our spirit guides or higher self, a watering can, a great song, interior emotional trauma, etc.  Everything is energy so everything can be drawn.

What we need is an intention.  What do we want to know?  Once that has been decided, we connect with our higher self or our guide and state our intention.  For example, “I want to draw the relationship I have with my boss.”

The next step is to close your eyes and draw. The drawing will happen very quickly.  You will feel when to change color and when to stop.

After that, you will look at your color sheet and decode the drawing based on what colors are present, what lines and shapes are present, and also take into account if there are any symbols in the drawing.

That’s it!  It is a very quick and easy process and can be lots of fun.

Do this meditation first to help you fill out your color sheet:

Color Meditation

Download the color sheet here: