This is the second question from my recent Q&A session. This woman wants to know what she can do to get her husband on track. She’s been told that they have a purpose to do together. No one has been able to tell her what that purpose is though, and she feels like it’s never going to happen. She feels like people and circumstances are actually trying to pull them apart and that he is not as motivated to pursue this as she is. Watch the video for the answer, or read the text version below.

First of all, lets get into the relationship part. You may be married and feel that you are soul mates, soul companions or life partners, but you still both have your own will. That means that he may not choose to up-level with you. It sounds like you are doing your best to live up to yourself and to have a purpose driven life, even if you don’t know exactly what it is. He can choose to not do that – and that is his choice to make.

Your purpose won’t rely on someone else. You may have planned on doing something together before you came into this life, but your soul can express itself just as well without him. Don’t use him as an excuse to not fulfill your purpose. I would separate the word purpose with your husband, because it’s not fair to put that on him, and that alone may be why he’s not motivated to do it. Why? Because it’s not his goal, it’s yours.

Your soul will want to express itself regardless of who is in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you live alone in the middle of the arctic, you can still express your soul purpose. You have to go where your soul is leading you, not out of fear and not out of attachment, and I think that may be what’s happening. I’m not trying to be critical, but we often confuse the two. We just have to know that our soul’s purpose will not rely on anyone else to be fulfilled.

If you independently cultivate your purpose, your soul driven life, he will then be freed up from your attachment. Right now it feels like you are grabbing on to him and trying to bring him up with you. When you detach, do your own thing, grow your own purpose, you will free him up from your expectation and he will relax. THEN he may, on his own, decide to join you.

So, release him from the duty that has been placed on the two of you, and then he may actually come up and you two can fulfill what ever you have planned on doing together. Just remember that it isn’t your soul purpose for this to happen. Your soul purpose is independent of other people. Even if it will eventually lead you to interact with or lead other people, that part is secondary and is not of your concern right now.

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