Melissa Kirk

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa Kirk of She is a multi-talented woman who is devoted to helping her clients better their lives.  She also happens to be an inspiration for women in abusive relationships.  Read the interview to learn more:

Hi Melissa! It’s an honor to interview someone so devoted to the empowerment of women. Can you tell us about your story and where this passion comes from?

I always liked helping people. I have a psychology degree and a business degree, so I have always found myself in situations to give advice. After working in the corp world for 10 years, I stayed home with my children. I was in an abusive 20 year marriage and when I got a divorce, I had a lot of work to do on myself. Through my journey I have been trained in several ways that I use to help my clients.

You are very multifaceted! You do scientific hand analysis, life coaching, and astronumerology in addition to owning a spa. What came first for you? And do you combine these services in a unique way or offer them separately?

I trained to be a massage therapist and have built my clientele over the last 5 years, I then expanded to include additional spa services. I knew there was something more though. I was searching for answers and the universe always sends them, that’s when I had my hands read.

When I first had my hands read it changed my life. In the fingerprint pattern of all 10 fingers is your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School. This created a lot of awareness for me and helped me tremendously in my personal growth. It was so significant that I decided I wanted to learn how to read hands to help others. It is now part of my coaching. I am a certified Law of Attraction Coach and combines well with the hand analysis.

I do combine all of my services for some of my clients. Working on the physical body gives a lot of information about someone’s emotional state and struggles. I gain a lot of information from this as well to help my clients.

Clients that are in other areas work with me over the phone or skype. I offer group and individual programs.

Can you tell us what astronumerology is and what the common type of reading you do with this modality is?

When you look at someone’s numerology chart and their astrology chart and astrology numbers, it provides insight into their personality, strengths, weaknesses and their soul’s agenda.

How does your intuition help you in your life? Has it played a part in any pivotal decisions?

It’s funny you ask about using my intuition. When I first started learning about hand analysis, I found that I had many intuitive markings in my hands. I struggled to acknowledge them and discovered I was experiencing all the penalties of those intuitive gifts because I was not using them. So my intuition plays a big role in my coaching programs now.

What is your favorite thing to do with a client?

My favorite things to do with clients are creating awareness and insight into how they are creating their life and what to do differently. I love to help them with changing their perspective on life and situations that empowers them. I get just as excited as they do when their life turns around and they create success!!

Do you have a grand plan for your business or do you prefer to expand your vision with your growth?

My vision for my business continues to evolve. I am always continuing my own education and will eventually teach many of the tools I use in my practice.
I am offering some classes locally starting the beginning of the year. I plan to offer them virtually as well. I am starting to do some speaking and do some of my own events.

I understand you just launched a new website. What can you tell us about that? Do you have any new offerings?

I am considering some partnerships and joining with some others to reach more people and do events. I have lots of intentions and ideas that come to me daily. They will somehow all fit together I’m sure!

You are a role model for single parents who want to own their own business but feel they can’t. Do you have any advice for women in this situation?

My biggest advice to parents who want their own business is to be very clear in their intention but open to new options. Be clear with what life style they want that works for their family’s needs and the right business will present itself. Hire a coach to help them, don’t reinvent the wheel. The most successful business people, athletes, and entrepreneurs all invest heavily in themselves. We all have blind spots that are obvious to others, and it is a much more successful process when you have help. Most importantly pick a business you are passionate about, the money will be there when you do this. Picking a career for money can often lead to disappointment. It is important to love what you do.

Thank you, Melissa for answering my questions. I wish you all the best in your business and thank you for being such a great support for women!  

If you feel that you connect with Melissa and her message, visit her site for more information,