Clean - Photograph by Rachel Andrews

If you’re like me, you have a huge list of passions, interests and goals for yourself. We want to do it all, see it all, and experience it all. Why? Because that sounds like the most fun and engaging thing ever! So we take in a lot of knowledge, we listen to people, we feel our way through life. We also want other people to feel as hopeful and jubilant as we do.

As I race up or roll down the mountain (both of which are equally fun!) there are pebbles, dust and all number of disturbances created. Obstacles are cast aside, fears, expectations, you name it – they are sent flying.

This is a good thing when I keep my attention focused on the path. It’s when I stray that the problem erupts. That’s when I fall into the debris. It surrounds me so fast that I forget it’s already been dealt with. I forget that I KNOW how to be happy and fulfilled.  I forget that I am so aware of my true spark that I can summon it at will.  I fall into the expectations of others, my constructed ego, and society in general, and I lose my vitality, my smile, and my focus.

Poor, Rachel!  Just kidding.

We can deal with this in a very simple way.  Using metaphor is perfect for bridging the ethers with our earthly life.  When I want to clean psychic debris from myself, I take a shower.  I did this meditation today actually.  Here it is:

Do you have an expectation cleansing ritual you’d like to share? I’d love to hear it if you do! Just add it to the comments below.

Much love,