Comet Drawing by Rachel Andrews


We are all psychic. There are no ifs or whens about it. The only thing in question is whether or not you are aware of this. Every person on this planet is energetic and extends into the higher dimensions that the soul and source energy inhabit. Why is this important to know? It’s very important because people are starting to experience their higher dimensional aspects. If you’re not prepared for this, it can be a very scary and overwhelming time.

Many people will think they are crazy, some will try to ignore it, some will just not know how to handle their new gifts.

Most often, psychic unfoldment just seems like an unmanageable burden. It can take people years to gain control of these new senses, and by then they are exhausted. I went through the same thing. Luckily, my parents believed in me and took me to see Ed and Lorraine Warren. They “tested” me and assured my parents that I was not crazy, I was just very psychic. This was 15 years ago.

It took me many, many painful years of trial and error to gain control over my psychic gifts. I went through severe depression, I dropped out of high school, I stayed out of public places like schools, malls, and busy restaurants because I couldn’t handle being around people. Eventually I learned what it really takes to be able to see these psychic gifts as a true asset to life, instead of the burden that they were in the beginning. The trick was to become more grounded and integrated – to treat these new senses just like my “regular” senses.

When the psychic senses are not grounded into the physical being, they are given much more potency than they should get. A lot of emerging psychics think this is a good thing because they feel they would lose their gifts if they grounded themselves. This is not the case. In fact, as the psychic senses are integrated into the physical body, they enhance all aspects of life, as opposed to ruling life.

Grounding and integrating the psychic senses is really the first step towards living the fullest, most authentic life possible.

Psychic unfoldment does not have to be difficult, scary, or overwhelming. By raising your vibration and grounding yourself, your awakening can be gentle and harmonious. I am here to assist you in this process if you would like a guide. My articles and videos can help you in a variety of areas, and my personal attention can be obtained by hiring me as your coach.

This is an exciting time and it should be celebrated, not feared!