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The world is changing. We are all becoming lighter and are being directed to follow our intuition to what is enjoyable for us. Struggle, frustration, and misery are no longer able to hide our truth anymore. Think about that one…

No doubt, though that there are things we want to change about our habits and life configurations. Instead of taking a hatchet to these areas like we used to do, now we can simply focus on a better solution. This attention switch will allow the old habit to simply fall away gracefully. It may take some time, it may not, it just depends on your attachment and attention span.

This technique has worked forever, but now we don’t really have a choice. Focusing on the negative of the equation, what we want to change, will not work. Watch the video for more!

What have your experiences been like? How do you change a habit? Share it with me below!

Lots of love,