Psychic Development is all about integration of the higher self.  That’s it.  If you are in constant contact with your higher self, letting the energy flow into you from the higher chakras and beyond, then you will be privy to all of the wonderful information you are wanting to know.  There is sometimes a disconnect from the logic of this, though.  Sometimes people feel like they are giving up control when they integrate the higher self, it feels like they are surrendering their own will.

I know this feeling very well, because I once rebelled against integration, too.  This is starting to sound like some kind of cult experience, but just remember that it is US that we are integrating.  It’s the real part of us, and what we are “giving up” is our constructed self, our limited self.  The video below goes into much more detail and will hopefully answer some questions of yours, if you have any.  I want my higher self to be my BFF.  We’re in love <3  hehe.


How do you feel about your higher self?  Have you had any power struggle issues?  We’d love to hear about it, and what you have done to resolve them.

Lots of love!


Rachel Archelaus

Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, author & artist. She assists helpers & healers to create, clarify & launch their businesses while teaching them to develop their psychic super powers along the way. She is also the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy. Learn to have a two way conversation with your Higher Self so you can ditch confusion forever here:

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