I have a special feature for you today.  Let me begin by saying that I have been enjoying Daniel Scranton’s channeling everyday for about six months now.  Through a serendipitous series of events, a friend of mine from overseas ended up moving to the states and marrying this talented channeler and energy healer.  He has a daily channeling email list that you can get on for free at his website and there is even a youtube channel that you can access to listen to the daily message.  I have also included his bio on the contributors page, since I hope to be publishing more of his work on this site.


With the formalities out of the way, I can say that if you are looking to keep your eyes on the horizon, some daily reinforcement is very helpful.  Daniel channels a group of beings called The Creators who patiently inform us of how the Earth thing works, how the shift is changing the rules here, and how we can prepare to live in the fifth dimension.  They are wonderful and ever so encouraging!  The following message was channeled today and inspired me to share it with you.


Begin the process of re-accessing your Divine blueprint by letting go of the association that you have with your identity. You can begin to discover who it is you really are more easily by letting go of your attachments to what it is you have been pretending to be in this lifetime. So this means letting go of all labels…man, woman, lawyer, doctor, father mother, spouse, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu…all the different labels that you have for yourselves. All the different things that you think of as defining you are merely articles of clothing that you have slipped into and that you can just as easily slip out of.You are not even really ‘human’ in the sense of being from this earth or having evolved from its primordial ooze, as so many of you have been taught. It is a much bigger story than that. So it is high time for you to start seeing yourselves as Divine Entities who are taking on roles in order to have experiences. Referring to yourselves as ‘Divine’ and as ‘Pure Love’ may seem a bit like something that the ego would want to engage with in order to make yourselves seem higher or better than someone else. But as long as you are recognizing that everyone else is as you are – a Divine Being of Love – you can make that be the new identity that you take on, and you can let go of the very limiting ways in which you have been defining yourselves.We know that you want a wide range of experiences, and sometimes you feel that you cannot do something that you want to do because you are a ‘woman’ or a ‘man’ or because you are a ‘responsible citizen of your country.’ For whatever reasons you cook up, you think that you cannot do something that you really want to do. So that is one of the reasons why it is such a good idea to stop defining yourselves and putting yourselves into these categories, into these little boxes that confine you in so many ways. Take your sense of pride from the fact that you are here now as Source Energy Beings, doing the work that gives expansion to and experience to All That Is. And rest assured you are all doing that very well, even if you are slightly unconscious of it.Redefine yourselves in every moment according to your latest and greatest impulse, and being willing to adopt any personality or point of view that you wish to explore. This is part of your expansion process. You might as well get ahead of yourselves a bit and do some conscious letting go.
If this resonates with you, there are two recorded workshops available for purchase on his website.  I highly recommend them.  They are only $10 each and answer so many questions that we all seem to be having.  Also, if you live in the Connecticut area, he will be doing a workshop at SOUND in Newtown in late June. I will give you more details when they are available. I hope you enjoyed this fresh perspective!


Lots of love,