So, besides living in the moment and wanting to be in touch with your higher self and guides (which is essential) you have to actually follow the clues that are presented to you in order to live a connected and flowing life.  That can sometimes seem tricky if we overanalyze it, so I’ve made a video giving you examples from my own life.  It’s super simple and also super subtle, but if we train ourselves to follow the nudges, we are handsomely rewarded!

This is how I live for the most part. When you practice this you see how the little moves add up. Yesterday my intuition may have told me to take some extra vitamin C. Then today if I went to a friend’s house and she had a cold I would have thanked my all-knowing-self. That is a simple example, but a very feasible one.

The biggest example I have is how I started Sephyrus Press. It all began with a candle collection of sexy scents for the bedroom, and then before I knew it I was a publishing company with star-powered poets telling me I’m awesome. It happened in about four months time from conception to amazement and it all happened with no vision, just simple listening and responding.

If you are desiring a life other than what you have now, then following your intuition will guide you there. You can plan ’til the cows come home, but that often doesn’t work. Relying on the part of you that can see it all is much wiser than trying to use your mind and two tiny eye holes. 🙂 Though, there is room enough in the world for all the ways of doing things.

Do you have any cool stories about what happened after following the nudges?