ParaglideRachelI’m totally guilty of thinking that a single action will change my life.  I figured that if I jumped off a mountain that my fear of heights would be transformed into a love of the fresh, open skies.  Well, it didn’t really work that way.  Instead I felt moments of panic and when I could gather my wits, I managed to enjoy the view.  This taught me such a valuable lesson.

If I want to transform, I need to do the work.  I need to feel the fear!  I need to process the pain and the panic, and I would need to do it more than one time.

I see this happen within my field of work, too.  People sign up for these expensive single sessions or coaching programs and think that their life will change just by being in close proximity to someone who’s been on the path for a little while longer.  I can tell you (having been in one of those coaching programs) that it takes more than that.  It also takes more personal discernment than simply following one person’s system.  No two people are created alike, and we are all different energetically.  That means that we all will do things a different way.  I know that is not a revelation, but how often do we think that we can just copy a person’s success and expect the same results?  A lot!

I believe that the number one skill we all can hone is our personal intuition – it’s the link between our earthly selves and our higher selves.  When we integrate the highest aspects of ourselves we can trust the information we get.  We can live with such an expanded view that no one else’s success is even a thought.  We are directed by our highest good and can live knowing that we are being taken care of.  Who wouldn’t want that kind of peace of mind?  I certainly would not want to live without it.

Because of that, I’ve created a six week course designed to connect you with your higher self.  You’ll be given ample time to practice and connect with yourself in so many different ways.  We also make use of your spirit guides to assist with the process.  In the class, you visit the Akashic Records to get past life information, see into the future, learn Intuitive Drawing, do readings for yourself and others, and so, so much more.  It gives you a well rounded education in spiritual and psychic development that you can use your entire life.  The first class alone is worth the entire tuition because it gives you a super easy system for getting answers from your higher self.

Join the class here.

Wishing you the best life ever,