lilacsI read this message right after being on the phone with a client.  We were talking about how our challenges become illuminated in order for us to process, integrate and let go of them.  It’s just a side effect of expanding our consciousness.  So right in the perfect moment comes the reminder, thanks!  I promptly forwarded this to her and decided to share it with you.  This is such a well written explanation of this process!  Enjoy:

“Take a bit of your consciousness and place it on an aspect of your life that has been challenging for you. Now, allow yourself to be present with that aspect of your life. And let yourself experience every aspect of that aspect. Allow yourself to experience how challenging you find it to be, the fullness of your desire for it to be different, the frustration, the anger, the fear, the anxiety, every little bit of this part of your life.

Give yourself the opportunity to really dig down deep inside of it. It is best to do this when you have set aside some time for yourself. It is best to explore these aspects of your life consciously and with deliberate intent, so that they are not running in the background throughout your entire day. So allow yourself to have the fullest experience possible of your challenging life circumstance.

And give yourself permission now to enjoy the fact that you are in this particular place on this particular subject. Give yourself permission to bask in the deliciousness of a dilemma. Allow yourself to feel the harshness of the situation. But only for this little bit of time that you set aside for this exercise. We want you to milk this situation in the same way that you would if something really fantastic had occurred and you just wanted to broadcast it to everyone. And we are not suggesting that you do this with your challenging life situation, but we are saying to give it the same amount of deliberate intent, deliberate attention.

And then release it completely. Just let go and know that there is no more work that needs to be done. You do not have to re-visit this thing and figure out what it is that you should do, or what it is that you should say, or how it is you should approach it in the future. You do not need to spend any more time than this. Five minutes is enough.

And then you can go about your day. You can choose something that you want to focus on, perhaps something that is much more satisfying, something that you have no difficulty with, and allow yourself to dive completely into that. We want you to be present with everything in your life, fully, and to engage with it at the deepest emotional levels, so that you can choose deliberately that which you wish to experience. And so that when you do make that decision, you can be fully present and conscious with your preferences.

It is a wonderful thing to have an experience in your world, and we want you to place as much value on the challenging ones as you do the ones that are filled with joy and ecstasy.”

Daniel has teleclasses and other offerings at his website,  His daily channelings are free, so I encourage you to join his list if this has resonated with you.  I cannot tell you how beneficial it is to be surrounded by uplifting energies.  Every little bit (and email) helps!

Lots of love,