Where are you suppressing your desires and expression?

What is itching to come out of you?

If you had no self-censorship or self-judgment, what would be different about you?

I’m holding the space right now for you to go within and answer that.

I’ve come to a new level myself, and am now seeing the ways in which my trauma has stifled my expression. Healing from wounds and releasing them makes space for us to be more whole and integrated.

If you don’t know what you are holding back, think about how you’ve changed over the years. What used to make you happy? When did you stop experiencing it? When did you stop letting yourself go there?

What are you like when you’re in love? What do you do differently? Do you let yourself express more of you? Do you care less about what others think of you? What has changed since you last experienced that?

If you can tap into the places of change, accept that you are holding back from being yourself because you were hurt or felt it was unsafe to do so. Feel into that. Hold the feeling and let it dissipate on its own. It will. Be with it until it does.

You are then free to let your desires and expressions surface. They might be scary at first. If you haven’t “gone there” in a long time, you may be afraid of what will happen to your life if you allow yourself to express so freely. This fear is natural.

The people in your life who truly love you will come around to any changes you make. Your renewed sense of aliveness may throw them off a little at first, but those dedicated to you will adjust. The ones that don’t were not meant to be on this part of your journey with you. That doesn’t make them mean or bad, it just makes them temporary allies instead of permanent ones.

You will go through many “uplevels” in your life and that tends to cause a great deal of upheaval and change in your surroundings. The nice thing is that it’s for the better! Each time you release what is not you, you let more of you shine. That is what we’re here to do.

I can’t wait to see more of you! Be prepared to see more of me as well. I have a special day coming up next week that you’ll hear about then. Let’s just say that it has to do with claiming a part of my own expression.

Lots of love!


PS:   Those eyes are mine from some Halloween’s ago.  I was a rainbow in the sky and painted clouds on my face.