Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.30.27 PMHere you go, an easy little reminder to soak up so you know that you are amazing – spines and all.

What spines have you embraced? I have two in my mouth! lol. And you know what? People tell me all the time never to change. I say the same to you, except with a twist. Change is inevitable and glorious, self acceptance is where it’s at.


Want to share your spines with me?  It’s liberating!  Lots of love!

Rachel Archelaus

Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, author & artist. She assists helpers & healers to create, clarify & launch their businesses while teaching them to develop their psychic super powers along the way. She is also the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy. Learn to have a two way conversation with your Higher Self so you can ditch confusion forever here:

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