Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 1.40.22 PMWe’ve all been in the situation where we catch ourselves thinking negatively about how we look. These thoughts can sweep over us with the slightest trigger. Maybe we meet someone who reminds us of a mean friend we had when we were young, or maybe you just catch a glimpse of yourself in a dirty window and forget that the window needs sprucing up and not you!  We are bombarded with images of the way women and men should look, and yet, we are not so reinforced when we talk about ourselves in a positive light. I made the following video as a reminder to you that YOU and only you get to choose how and who you are. You decide how you feel about yourself, too. Knowing that you have all the power, which will you choose…the positive or the life-draining thoughts. It seems silly to pick the latter.

Have you been through this? How do you manage your negative thoughts when they arise. I’d love to know!