We all have stuck emotions taking up residence in our energy field. They cause stress, anxiety, and physical illness. You can release them in a fun way with intuitive, expressive painting, and I show you how to do just that in this mini class. Grab your paints and canvas and listen to the easy process of how to release your past with paint.


Here’s a recap of the steps:

    1. Grab your paint and canvas.  (I also used charcoal to draw on the canvas first, but that is an optional step.)  Set up in a comfortable position, I like to use the floor because of the pressure my hands make on the canvas.  It’s easy to knock your painting off an easel with this method, so beware of that.
    2. Put on some music that evokes the emotion you’d like to release.  The music will trigger you to feel the stuck feelings.  Let yourself feel the sensations in your body without getting into your head.  It doesn’t matter what you think created the emotions, just observe what they feel like.
    3. Get painting.  Let any thoughts go and get into the flow of the activity.  Feel the paint on your hands.  Let your hands guide themselves onto the canvas.  Your hands know what to do!  They will pick the right colors and make the right shapes on the canvas.  Just let go and be one with the process.  You will feel it when your painting is done.  You can even repeat this process on several canvases if it feels right.  I usually do two or three at a time.

By the end of this, you will feel lighter.  You may even end up with more energy when you’re done.  You’ve created space in your body which will allow an easier flow of life force energy.  Ideas will flow more easily and so will positive emotion.  This process also strengthens your intuition and psychic channels.  You are using your solar plexus, throat, and third eye chakras with this process as well as clearing out the chakras that housed the emotions you are releasing.  Look at you doing so much work!  Good job <3

Feel free to show me your work and tell me about how your painting session went.  I love hearing from you.

Lots of love,