TwinsThis is a rather long video and, as a warning, contains massive amounts of oversharing. I talk about three types of relationship archetypes common to the spiritually aware, the biggest two being soulmate and life partner contracts. I briefly get into a third, but you’ll have to watch to see. To open-hearted initiates, finding your soul mate seems like a great idea, but in reality they are the hardest of all relationship types.

Your soulmate will do things to you that require the most commitment to love in the grand scheme – which means they will treat you the worst. This is all set up before we incarnate, and we are the ones asking them to “abuse” us. This may not make you feel warm and cuddly, but it’s the truth. Watch the video for details!


PS:  I’ve been working on a book about relationships for several years now, and this video contains tiny pieces of it. I have a favor to ask of you. Is the information useful? Is there too much of my story (and is it boring?). Please do give me some feedback! I promise to take it well 🙂

Rachel Archelaus

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