I don’t know about you, but I didn’t grow up knowing what to do with grief, anger, sadness, or pain. I also grew up in a household where crying wasn’t seen as a beautiful release. I was often told to stop and after hearing that for years, I did. I managed to find a way to stuff all my emotional junk deep into my well and forget about it. Sound familiar? In the following video, I share my favorite emotional clearing techniques, besides painting them out of course. They are easy to do and don’t take much time either. If you start practicing them you’ll feel cleaner, clearer and have tons more energy.

Here are those links: (just click on the pictures)

Gary Zukav’s, Mind of the Soul – I can’t recommend this author enough. I love his straight forward writing. It’s simple and yet so profound.



The Creators – Channeled by Daniel Scranton




Lana Bos – my amazing, emotionally clean friend!


Access Consciousness – just simple and wonderful techniques and perspectives. I love it.





How do you like to process emotion? Let us know in the comments!   🙂