AnaElisaThe following is a guest post by Ana Elisa Miranda.  Her story is so inspiring!

I have always had a good connection with my inner guide, even though I didn’t always call it that way or was aware of it. I can say it has done a pretty good job in guiding me through all I’ve done, since I can’t remember it ever failing me. I can count myself lucky, or blessed.

During my teenage years I was still strongly connected to church and used to pray every day. I asked God to show me the right path to take and to guide me to fulfill my purpose. As I was called away from church, I continued developing my spirituality and the belief that we are here to be the best people we were born to be and to add value to other people’s lives.

I`ve always dreamed of living abroad somewhere, somehow. I wasn`t sure how to afford it and what I could do to support myself, but I always dreamed I would one day see amazing places and meet different people. And then, when I was in college, I heard of the Au Pair program.

My intuition gave me no rest until I did it. It was *nudge, nudge* all the time. Was it the voice of my spirit? God? I was never sure (I was – and still am in different way- quite conflicted). The only thing that I was absolutely sure was the path that I had to follow.

Many people questioned my decision. I got scared and anxious. However, I never doubted that voice inside my head. I was one hundred percent certain that I had to go live in the USA as an Au Pair. I had to! That voice wouldn’t leave me alone, ha ha!

Something I’ve learned about my inner guide is that sometimes I have thoughts, ideas, nudges, but they pass. A good example is from when I thought about studying International Relations and becoming a diplomat. I would have to move to Brasília (capital of Brazil), where the post-graduation course I wanted to take was. I applied for a teaching job, took a 10 hour bus trip for the interview and then the demo class presentation; was approved and was ready to be hired when I changed my mind. I just didn’t have a good feeling about that. I turned around and never looked back. No regrets, because that feeling ended up leading me to Europe, where I live now.

Other times, the nudging only gets stronger and frequent. When that thought becomes so persistent and things start falling into place, I can only think that it’s the Universe showing me where to go. I’ve trusted it. It led me to beautiful places and people and I will always trust it.

Whenever I have a choice or decision to make, be it simple or complicated, I take a deep breath and ask my inner guide to help me out. Sometimes it’s as easy as a good or bad feeling about something. Other times it’s as heavy and deep as deciding to move countries or to follow a career.

I live in Belgium now and I’m still learning a lot about myself and the Universe.

I have learned to be grateful and to appreciate the simple things in life.

I have learned to nourish myself with good food, good energy and good relaxation.

I have learned to trust my inner guide.

And I have learned to ask for guidance and abundance and to be open to receive.

Ana Elisa Miranda is a Brazilian expat in Belgium and a blogger. Passionate about traveling, learning, sharing, simple and peaceful life. Author of “Live the dream and love the journey”. Visit her at