I was asked an amazing question last week. It was basically, “isn’t it dangerous to have all of these people developing their psychic superpowers? Can’t they use this power to do bad things?” That isn’t what sparked me to make the following video, but the video does answer this question perfectly.

First of all, we already have the powers – most people just don’t know how to consciously use them.  And secondly, even people who learn how to use these amazing talents don’t normally make it a habit. They don’t hone their gifts and make them an everyday part of their lives. Without doing those things, there is really no massive harm that can be done. The biggest harm comes from NOT learning how to use them and integrate them into your life. That is when things get really messy.

Do you ever wonder how your life has gotten to the state it has?  Why you’ve put on so much weight or let a relationship get so out of hand?  Have you ever wondered why you’ve put up with your job for so long when you know you have so much to offer the world?  Those questions are present because you haven’t connected to your true power.  You haven’t allowed yourself to connect into the massive YOU that exists.  You’re playing solely from the small “you.”

This video is about the catch to living a psychic life.  It’s about how if we really want to take hold of the reigns in our life, it means making conscious living a habit.  It means remembering at all times that we have the ability to change time and space in our favor.  Give it a watch:



What is your takeaway from that?  Did you like my silly beginning, lol?  Let us know so that we can support you 🙂