bluejettaDo you want to actualize the desires of your soul?
What keeps people from paying attention to their soul’s desires? You can’t see them.

We pay far less attention to what is invisible to us. What is right in front of us gets our time and energy because we can see it. It almost feels as if these things demand our attention because their presence is a constant reminder that they exist. It is far easier to dismiss subtle urgings from our soul simply because they’re not whacking us in the face or posted on the fridge.

This is why people are often wanting to have a more spiritually aligned life, but never get there. They miss the middle step between wanting and having.

Having a spiritually aligned life means that the spiritual IS visible. The by-product of this kind of life is that spirit exists everywhere. Cause and effect is visible, gratitude is visible, love is visible…everything is visible. Your soul is visible – because that is what living this life does…you actualize the desires of your soul.

How you get there is simple, but takes consistency. You add structures to your day that accommodate the expansion of your internal listening skills and the integration of your spirit.

A few months ago I did something that exemplifies this. I took an everyday activity, cleaning my car, and made it into a business meeting with my soul. I let the divine wisdom inherent in everything speak to me like a brilliant business advisor. In the recording, I take you through the steps of how to do this for yourself. You don’t need a business to benefit from this. You can turn cleaning the kitchen or weeding your garden into a sacred mastermind meeting. Here’s how:

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(click the arrow to listen)  Play time approx. 22 min.