IMG_4299I got a brilliant question from someone recently. She’s been growing and integrating more of herself into her life and yet still has some hot spots. She wanted to know if there was a ceremony she could do to finally rid herself of these trouble areas. I was not aware of one, so I created an outline that would help. The steps are in the video below.

First I want to be very hippy about it and tell you that Love is the most direct, and most annoying, answer. If you simply love yourself when you are feeling mad, frustrated, or guilty for having negative feelings and let your response to that be what it is, you will be actively clearing this from you. And if you send love to those who trigger you, you will be dissipating their hold on you. It’s not always easy to do that, but it works.

Ok, here’s a more palatable and fun way:


So how does that sound?  It’s doable and will leave you feeling complete.  Just remember that it’s your intention that is most important.  Keeping that higher vibration is what makes this stick.  Lots of love!