nadineartemisWhat’s a sensitive with high standards to do when faced with the challenge of finding amazing, natural, personal care products? Lots of trial and error!  It’s taken me a lifetime to discover what works best for me, and I’m sure that my routine will evolve even more in the coming years. That said, I have found amazing products that satisfy my incredibly picky (and highly allergic) nature. The two videos in this post will outline my unorthodox dental care and also my skin care and make-up likes. You’ll find links to the brands and products I love, as well.

This video is all about the mouth.  I’ve had a hard time keeping my teeth clear of the drill in my adult life for two reasons:  crowding & grinding.  No amount of fluoridated tooth paste can help repair a cracked tooth or a crowded mouth.  It just doesn’t have that capability – not to mention that fluoride is poison anyway.  After lots of research, trying new things, and waiting to gauge the effects, I have found something that actually works.  It’s a combination of liquids for brushing and flossing that won.  I even got the seal of approval from my dentist, who said my mouth is now impressive 🙂  Check it out:


These products are from Living Libations, a Canadian company.  Nadine Artemis is a genius when it comes to bontanicals and human health.  Search for her on youtube, or read the articles at her website to learn more.

Healthy Gum Drops

Neem Enamelizer

Dr. Tungs Smart Floss


Now for skin-care and make-up:


Obviously, what I recommend may or may not work for you.  Korres is a Greek make-up line and only comes in a few shades, and for more golden undertoned people.  Going into a Sephora store will be the best option for matching make-up colors.  The other skin care will be more of a smell preference, since essential oils are highly aromatic.  This is what I use:

Living Libations Best Skin Ever – Seabuckthorn (my cleanser & moisturizer)

Living Libations Secret Land of Is perfume

Korres Quercetin & Oak Foundation

Korres Wild Rose Concealer

Korres Setting Powder (the one with crystals in it)

Korres Blush

Whatever skin care you choose for yourself, make it something that uplifts you.  Like I said in the video, I’m not a morning person and having products to put on my skin that smell wonderful and enhance my health is truly a gift.

Rachel Archelaus

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