raedingqrcodeThere are no shortages of modern-day sages.  They are everywhere: blogs, youtube, bookstores, subway cars, etc.  There is an abundance of wisdom being spouted and this gives us an amazing array to choose from when it comes to filling our information tanks.  I love finding new people, and when I do, I tend to go overboard.  I devour their blog posts, podcasts and tv appearances.  I like to figure them out and see what inspires them, what motivates them.  When I’ve had my fill, I normally move on to the next “guru.”

I don’t become obsessed in the way that makes me feel inferior to them.  Nor do I believe everything they say.  I have good discernment these days (after not having much in the past!)  And I realized today that if I can notice what it is that I am attracted to in these people, I can probably get more out of the exchange.  More on that is explained in the video.

Happy watching!


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Who are you into these days? And what are you getting from them?  I’d love to know 🙂

Lots of love,