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We’ve all heard the saying that it’s our power we’re afraid of most.  I’d say that people don’t even realize their true power, and when they hear it mentioned by someone, their limiting beliefs don’t allow them to connect with it.  If this is true for you, you’ll know by how you react to the world.  Do you feel like life happens “to” you?  Do you get mad at society or blame the world for your circumstances?  It’s ok if you do, it’s just a sign that you are placing power outside of yourself.

If you want to start taking your power back and getting to know the real you, watch this video.  I share my technique for doing just that, and believe me, it works!  I also give you resources on how to go further with this work if you want to.  I found a great author last year who has written several “to the point” books on this subject.

Here’s the video:

(don’t see the video? Click here to watch it on youtube.)

Does that bring anything up for you?  It can take a while for this concept to sink in.  We create our reality, we place our power where we want to.  We can make it seem like things are out of our control, but truly – they aren’t.  Getting on the same page as our higher self is the key here.  And draining the power from our limitations is a wonderful step in doing that.

Rachel Archelaus

Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, author & artist. She assists helpers & healers to create, clarify & launch their businesses while teaching them to develop their psychic super powers along the way. She is also the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy. Learn to have a two way conversation with your Higher Self so you can ditch confusion forever here: http://intuitiveartacademy.com

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