If I asked you what the number one issue in your life is, would you say money? I hear from people all the time who say that they’d love to do XYZ but they can’t afford it. They’d go on vacation, they’d take a course, they’d be happy. I understand this way of thinking but I’ve also seen the other side. You come here for spiritual, creative and sometimes “out there” information. Well I promise not to disappoint today!

I’m taking the next few weeks to dive into the topic of money because I’ve had such profound shifts in that area this year. I’m not an expert on this topic and I won’t pretend to be. I can just share what I’ve learned so far and tell you my honest experiences. I’m also interviewing people who have some valuable insight into money archetypes and even how to deal with your significant other regarding money. My big contribution comes on May 30th. I’m hosting a live video get-together for all of us to retire our go-to “but” together. (I wish I could go, but….I’d love to see you, but…) Check below the video for more info.

We’re going to have a blast together. And by the end, I hope to leave you armed with new tools that radically change your money story. Let’s make money a non-issue. Let’s start living life based on what we desire and not what’s in our bank accounts. Sound good? Let’s go.

How to welcome in Money Now & Money Forever

Retire your “but” with me! Let’s get the money channels open for you so you can make decisions based on desire instead of lack. Click here to sign up for the virtual retirement party of the century! (it’s free)

The resources I talk about in the video are Denise Duffield Thomas’s free Manifest Money in 24 Hours call.  Click here for that.  And Robert Scheinfeld’s free webinar on Prosperity.  Here’s the book I make required reading for my clients: Busting Loose from the Money Game

Total transparency:  These are affiliate links and I will receive a small portion of the revenue generated from them.  It doesn’t cost you more this way, it’s just the business model the other person is using (like paying for advertising).  And I ONLY get affiliate links for products and people I love and use.  And that is sure true about these!!



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