how to retire your inner control freakIf you try to juggle everything in your head or feel the need to plan every detail, you will love this video.  Here’s my control freak confessions:

Story time – when I was going through my big awakening as a teenager I would have buckets of info dumped into my head each night.  I was rapidly changing into a new person as well, and everything was very scary and overwhelming.  I thought that my responsibility was to remember everything.

I tried to write everything down but it was so impossible!  I thought that I needed to have an answer to “who am I?” and I also thought that if I didn’t know the answer to every problem in the world that I was doing things very wrong.  It was soooo stressful and not a state that I want to return to.  I don’t know why I thought I had to remember it all, but it must have come from somewhere.

I also thought that I needed a five year plan with detailed bullet points and an action guide.  Can you say control freak?

I think that comes from being in high school and everyone always asking, “so what are you going to do when you grow up?”  Does anyone ever feel grown up?  I still don’t!

Can you relate to any of this?  Even if you’re not as bad as I was, I bet you’ve made goals and plans and have had some upset occur when they didn’t turn out as you wanted.  I explain in this video why that happens and how to avoid it in the future.

We are being asked to plan in a new way, and for our enjoyment, that new way includes instant gratification!

You can learn how to retire your inner control freak and start manifesting your goals this new way here:

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I had to share this comment from Youtube with you:

This is so true I have been in Rachel’s Soul-Centered Business Bootcamp for 2 months now, and what was bringing me down before, like lack of money, and other material insatisfactions, those circumstances haven’t changed, but I do feel like my whole life has changed because I am now in this new vibration, and I don’t really see those ‘negative’ aspects of my life now, I don’t feel I don’t have enough. I feel alive and purposeful most of the time. It’s magical! 🙂

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Anything come up for you in the video?  I’d love to hear about it below.

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