I was just visiting a super nice part of Scottsdale, Arizona and found myself feeling intimidated by the clean lines and beauty scottsdaleof all the shops and promenades.  The feeling of not belonging or of being out of place isn’t anything new to me, but since I’m more than likely moving to this neighborhood I figured now was a great time to get this feeling sorted.  We talked about upleveling and discomfort on the show and I told you that I’d share a picture of where I was.  You can see how pretty it is!

I’m never one to let limitations linger, so when I went into New York City this past Saturday I decided to do some boutique shopping in Soho.  We went to Nicole Miller, BCBG, French Connection and a few other places.  I monitored my feelings and even bought some really great clothes.  I’m excited to upgrade my wardrobe and to express myself more fully on the outside.  It’s a part of living on Earth that I really enjoy but have been ignoring for a while.

It also feels good to get over, at least mostly, my uneasy feeling of not belonging while in fancy stores.  I feel liberated and more free to be myself everywhere – not just where I know it will be accepted.

Where are you letting uneasy feelings hold you back?  Where is there fear in your life that you are letting take control?  It’s helpful to pause and ask these questions sometimes.  Because after gaining awareness, we can move through it and be free.

<3 Rachel