The importance of your ego in finding your soul's purposeAre you under the belief that our ego is bad?

If you are, then this video is for you. It’s true that no one wants to live arrogantly or selfishly, but that is not what the ego is about. It’s actually the very sacred meeting place of your soul and this physical reality. It can also give you huge clues as to what your Soul’s Purpose is.

You’ll also find out in this video that there are really two egos! One of them is helpful and is a byproduct of being a spiritual being living temporarily in a body.  The other is something we constructed as we grew up.  Learn which one you want to listen to and which one you don’t (and how to tell the difference between them).

Check out how you can use your ego to find your purpose:

(can’t see the video – click here to watch it on Youtube)

It’s so simple that most of us think it’s impossible…

But if we truly follow our happiness, we will be doing the best thing we can to help this world, our families, and ourselves. When we add more joy to our lives we are bringing more soul energy to this planet. That means more vibrant frequency is here to help everyone live better! It doesn’t matter if your joy is on the golf course, swimming underwater or volunteering at a children’s hospital in Uganda.

Even your own inner work helps everyone.  You are not just a physical being, you are energetic and connected to every other thing in the universe.  We all benefit when you remove toxic emotions from your system or expand into a greater state of being.

Every drop of pure happiness experienced on this planet is helping to heal humanity.

You have my full permission (not that you need it) to live more from your egoic preferences. Go forth and get happy!

All my love,
Rachel Archelaus

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