I totally didn’t get it for a whole 7 years.  I wanted to be myself and have a career that felt authentic to me, but I couldn’t seem to increase my clientele!  What was I doing wrong?  Well, I wasn’t trying anything new!  I wasn’t learning anything about business…and I wasn’t even changing my vibration.  I was in limbo – which is the perfect recipe for stagnation.

Is there an area of life that you feel stuck in?

Here’s a quick video about what to do if nothing is changing for you:

I can’t wait to share the inspired actions that those Holistic Entrepreneurs took over the year.  I LOVE learning from real people who are doing life on their own terms.

And I also think it’s great to have people who aren’t so far ahead to learn from.

It was from listening to people just a step ahead of me that got me to this point.  We all have something to teach.  I hope that you enjoy the From Calling to Career telesummit replay & update this month.  A sign-up link will be coming soon.