I have five extraordinary friends who were willing to let me interview them about how they have accomplished the feat of living their soul purpose and making money from it.

They all do different things, have different personalities, and have taken different journeys – and that means we get to cover a lot of ground.

This series started last October where I interviewed these people about their careers.  Now it’s a year later and I did a recap interview with them to see how and what has transpired for them over the last 12 months.  I was amazed, and so were they, about how far they’ve all come in such a short time.

A huge part of my motivation for bringing you this is so you can see how just a little inspired action can leap you forward in unbelievable ways.

You can watch the recap interviews and catch up on the recordings from last year at  Here is who you’ll find there:

Jennifer Zulli, composer and owner of the creative arts and healing center called SOUND in Newtown, CT, teaches us how to have such a big vision but not get discouraged during the “getting there” part.

Sherri Conroy, who is a gifted Shaman and medium, relates how she sometimes has to negotiate with Spirit to move forward.

Daniel Scranton, a channeler, sound healer and radio host, discusses how to work with others to do the parts of business that he doesn’t enjoy.  Plus, how listening to your intuition saves a lot of time.

Megan Crandlemire, owner of the web development company Starboard Digital, has found a way to integrate her curiosity of all things psychic by teaching a class on psychic development in her community.  You’ll learn more about her journey in the recap interview.

Maya Cointreau, who has always been a superstar, has grown tremendously over the past year in confidence and also in customers.

You’ll also get to hear my story and exactly what I’ve done over the last year to catapult me forward.  It’s inspiring and just plain fun to listen to these interviews.

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