As I was taking a look at my year, and starting to envision next year, I realized that this act has a lot to do with living up to my potential. I am making sure that I did enough, that I will be doing more, that I’m not letting myself down.

In my quest to become my potential, I realized that I have a process.

As someone who has always felt like I’ve had a lot to live up to, this act can be very centering. In fact, I see it as a necessary step in not getting side-tracked or distracted.

In this video I share how you can create a year end ritual to help you take all that swirling potential and make it actualized. It’s not even that hard.

How to become your potential:

Why is it that potential can feel like a burden? It’s our greatness that we are feeling! And know that you can absolutely be as great as you want to be. It’s your true nature.