To catch you up if you haven’t been following, I recently did a Soulfullpreneur Radio podcast about vibrational goals and how they create your life.  By choosing to start your year by identifying your ideal vibration, you can cut out much of the resistance that goes with change.  It’s magic (almost, it’s lots of neuroscience really) and it has helped me do amazing things like quit smoking and not have cravings (I did this years ago and never went back) and it helped me grow my business almost 500% last year.  Vibrational goals are the bomb.

And if you’re friends with me on facebook you know that I made this cool little video in my car about my NEW vibrational goal for this year.  Watch it here:

Authentic Expression, more than ever before!  I’ve always been one to honor my desires, think green hair and starting my own business, but there has always been an invisible layer of fear over lots of other things.  We all seem to have that.  We’re weighing ourselves down without knowing it.

Uncovering who we are is a journey and we can only know ourselves one layer at a time.

Think of video games like Mario that have levels.  You have to complete one before you can move on.  The story stops until you pass the level.  We’re like that!  Unless we max out our current level, we won’t be given more.  Think of any time you’ve been stuck and you’ll see what I mean.  There are certain things we have a hard time getting past, like a break up, a bad job, or a sugar addiction.  While those circumstances are going on, we don’t have much energy for anything else.  It’s hard to create a new life while we’re complaining about our boss.

That’s why setting my vibrational goal is so key.  It allows me to focus on something specific.  I align with it every morning and it assists me in making decisions.  I often get overwhelmed at the amount of possibilities and have a hard time making decisions, but having this goal rectifies that.  Do you know what your vibrational goal is for the year?

I take this goal setting thing further than most and created a system where I can embody the version of me who has already done what I wanted to do.  This process allows me to interview other versions of me and find the one who has the life that I want to live.  I call it The BIG You and I’ve used it with all of my clients and Bootcampers.  Some of them say it’s the most transformational part of our work together.

I did my BIG You process yesterday and here’s a video I made right after.  (You get to find out what color hair she had, too!)

I am about to dye my hair and am feeling very excited it!  Deep in my sacral center(creativity) and solar plexus(personal power/expression), movement is happening.  Where I was stuck before, a shift is happening because the BIG Me isn’t stuck in the same way.  I’m really becoming a new version of myself through this vibrational process.  It’s quite amazing.

As a treat for myself, I bought a large Cinnabar crystal last week.  The properties of it connect the third eye and the root chakra (two20150114_154910 places that normally don’t communicate so easily in people).  I wanted to have this crystal with me when I did my meditation so it could soak up the vibration of the BIG Me….and it did 🙂  Bucky even liked the feel of it and took a nap against it later in the day.

I do these rituals and meditations because they help me focus on what I want.  We have so many distractions in life that if we forget to “tune our stations” first, we’ll get tossed around in other people’s agendas.

The more I choose to consult my vibration, the more I succeed and the happier I am.

I’d love to know what your vibrational goal is for this year and if you have a ritual around it.  Let me know in the comments.  I’ve also made The BIG You available outside of the Bootcamp so you can have an easy way to access your BIG Self.  You can check it out here:

As we go about this month, I’ll be showing you updates on my transformation.  You will also be able to see how Authentic Expression shows up in my business this year, too.  Your vibrational goal will take over your life, it will simplify everything and make it better.

When you make your vibration your ally – watch out – things will get very interesting!

Lots of love,

Rachel Archelaus