food sensitivity
This was a picture taken of me for a contest called Ecstatic Wealth. We had to show what made us feel wealthy. For me, it’s an abundance of organic foods and superfoods!

In the latest Soulfullpreneur Radio podcast, Megan Crandlemire and I talk about food and food sensitivity.  I had the experience of growing up undiagnosed with Celiac Disease.  This caused major issues with my health and even determined the clothes I wore.  Having those symptoms go unnoticed really shaped my life.  And it wasn’t until I figured out that food played such a big role in my health that I learned how good you could feel!

Megan had a more subtle food evolution when she felt the nudge to try eliminating gluten.  She didn’t even know she had gluten sensitivity before doing so, but months after the switch she realized her sinuses had cleared up.

Many people on a spiritual path find that they become increasingly sensitive to gluten, sugar, chemical preservatives and more and we are no exception to that.

We discuss ailments such as Candida, overuse of Antibiotics, Celiac and gluten sensitivity and what kinds of diets we feel best on.  Not everyone will thrive on a raw food diet, and we present a good argument for why meat could be essential to staying healthy for some.  It’s a very personal episode with no judgment regarding diet or personal care.

If you are suffering with severe food sensitivity as an intuitive, try reframing it from being a victim of your food to see it as a tool.

Your higher self (you) is giving you a sign that you would thrive by eliminating the foods that don’t make you feel good.  It’s helping you make a decision that can often be hard…”do I eat the pasta or the salad?”


Food Sensitivity Resources:

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