Jamie Saloff Self-PublishingJamie Saloff is a prolific woman.  She’s written six books, is a healer, a psychic medium, a publisher, and a helper to Swan People.  She explains more about that last bit in the interview.

She sees the world in a different way than most, and that’s what I was most excited to learn more about.

Her site, SwanShaman.com, offers many interesting blog posts about developing your voice and coming out of your shell.  She speaks specifically to people going through a transformation in search of living their potential.


An especially fun part of this interview was learning about Lily Dale, a spiritualist community in upstate New York.

We talk a lot about self-publishing at the end of this interview.

Jamie offers a lot of advice about the technical aspects of self-publishing, as well as how to get around the common stumbling blocks that a lot of healers and helpers face when writing their first book.

In this interview with Jamie Saloff, we discuss so many fun topics, including:

– Which self-publishing platform is right for you?
– How do you get your own ISBN and why do you want one?
– Best practices for the first time author.
– How being Psychic can affect your business.
– How to reach your potential one step at a time.

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Learn more about Jaime and take her Swan Shaman quiz at http://www.swanshaman.com
You can also check out her books on Amazon here: Jamie Saloff on Amazon

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