There are many ways to reconnect to yourself beyond meditation.  (though that is a super fun way to do it!)  In this episode we discussed what reconnecting to yourself accomplishes, how it changes the quality of your life, and a super easy way to make your higher self your BFF.  

Putting you first in your life is not about being selfish or egotistical, it’s actually about filling your cup first so you can offer your excess to others.

Remember what they say on an airplane – affix your oxygen mask before helping someone else!  When you are full of glee about what fills your day, there are so many benefits to you and the people around you.  Here are just a few:

  • You have better relationships
  • More confidence
  • More emotional stability
  • A feeling of fulfillment
  • You’re able to contribute more to the world
  • You have more fun!

We recommend that you start with assessing your current situation.  How excited are you about your day?  What isn’t making you happy?  This can be tough so be gentle with yourself!  Assigning blame to you or anyone else isn’t the point and won’t help you get free.

After you get a general feel for how authentic your life is, you can zone in on other areas of your life to get more specific.

Here are some things you can consider:

In relationships, are you living for yourself or your partner?  Are you playing a role to keep people happy?

In work and hobbies, are material goals running your life?  Are you allowing yourself to have the creative freedom that would allow in new and authentic ideas?

Is your current health and diet situation something that makes you feel good?  When you’re connected to yourself, feeling good and eating well becomes less about will power and more about excitement.  Some people just don’t like running (that’s me!) yet I totally love to hike.  What is your fun way to get fit?

Megan and I share some of our best tips to reconnect with yourself on the show.  And we bring you through a powerful exercise to allow you to ask yes or no questions of your higher self (listen to that in the podcast or watch the class here).

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So here is our challenge to you:  pick an area of your life to assess and for the next week, be truly authentic.  See how it changes things and let us know on our facebook page.

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